Where to Find Damaged Telescopes in Fortnite?

Having trouble finding the damaged Telescopes in Fortnite? Here is an article to tell you all the seven location.


Damaged Telescopes Fortnite: Fortnite has dropped another challenge for the players after the update of 16.50. Moreover, this quest will help them to boost their battle pass by earning some XP as season 6 of Chapter 2 is coming to an end. Furthermore, there are several telescopes that are required to fix but where to find damaged telescopes?

Where are the Damaged Telescopes in Fortnite Located?

There are a total of seven telescopes which are located on the Map. Moreover, they are located on a good amount of height, which may cause problems for players to find them. Apart from situated on a height, they are also placed very separately from each other.

The speculations are that Fortnite has started giving a glimpse of the next season by updating these kinds of challenges. The preparation of the telescopes requires 20 metals each or you cannot repair them. So, make sure you have them and go for the hunt. Go on further to find Damaged Telescopes location in Fortnite.

All the seven damaged telescope locations
All the seven damaged telescope locations

1st Telescope– It is on the northern part of the map beside the Fortnite Radio Tower. Furthermore, go near the Craggy Cliffs and make a movement towards your southwest to find them. To fix the telescope just walk over it and interact.

2nd Telescope– After crossing the bridge near the Guardian tower lookout for the first tree. Moreover, make a move towards the right and on the edge, you’ll find it.

3rd Telescope– Go along with the retail row towards the icy part. Furthermore, go towards the southeast of the retail row and there you’ll find your next Damaged Telescope.

4th Telescope– The southeast hills facing the ocean on the southeast mountain. However, you can probably get telescopes 3 and 4 in the same run.

5th Telescope– You’ll find the next one towards the west of Misty Meadows on a small hill. As mentioned earlier, all of them are located on several heights.

6th Telescope– The sixth one is from a little distance from the last one. Moreover, it is found on the edge of the mountain near Sweaty Sands.

7th Telescope– The last one is near Lockie’s Lighthouse. It is located towards the west of the lighthouse.

There is more foreshadowing quest that came along with the Telescope. Furthermore, in that quest, the players are asked to investigate the downed black helicopter in Fortnite.

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