COD Mobile World Championship 2021 : Complete details

The COD Mobile World Championship 2021 is about to start on 3rd June and will offer a massive prize pool worth $2 Million.

COD Mobile World Championship 2021
COD Mobile World Championship 2021

The COD Mobile World Championship 2021 powered by SONY is about to start in a few days on 3rd June and will offer various rewards too alongside the championship. Therefore, follow up on this article for the complete details regarding CODM World Championship 2021.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular games and many players around the world have already acquired it. Also, Call of Duty Mobile even holds a massive amount of esports players and fanbase. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile had organized one of the biggest esports tournaments back in the year 2020 globally, featuring a massive prize pool of $1M.

However, the COD Mobile World Championship 2020 Finals had canceled and the arrangements had went disrupted due to pandemic. As a result, the prize pool had distributed amongst the finalist teams of COD Mobile World Championship 2020.

Nevertheless, the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship 2021 is back with the same energy and same intensity but more opportunities.

Here are the Details about the COD Mobile World Championship 2021:

The COD Mobile World Championship 2021 is about to start on 3rd June and will offer a massive prize pool worth $2 Million. Moreover, apart from the whopping prize pool, the overall championship will even offer various in-game rewards and characters.

Furthermore, the world championship will feature Sony Xperia 1 lll as its official device for the tournament that showcases exceptional 120 FPS. Also, the tournament has divided into 4 different stages.

Moreover, this time, players in Russia will also be able to participate in the World Championship as part of European region. Also, this year South Asia & Middle East will be its own independent region. However, many players found it troubling to register themselves for the CODM World Championship. Thereby, here is the solution.

How to Sign Up For CODM World Championship:

The COD Mobile world championship 2021 has divided into 4 various stages. Amongst them, the third and the fourth stages will feature inter-region global professional battles. However, players can play the first and second stages in order to grab the rewards.

As a result, stage 1 will start from 3rd June and will last till 27th June and will feature 4 weekends. The 4 weekends dates of Stage 1 are as follows:

  • 3 June – 6 June
  • 10 June – 13 June
  • 17 June – 20 June
  • 24 June to 27 June

Moreover, players need to score only 60 total points in the 10 qualifying ranked matches during stage 1 and can grab an Epic blueprint each week. Also, players can earn an Epic operator designed in collaboration with Hawksnest, iFerg, and Bobby Plays when they sign up and play 10 ranked matches during all four weekends.

For qualifying into stage 2, players need to get above 60 points in any weekend of stage 1. However, once players qualify for the next stage, they can still compete in the other weekends to grab rewards.

Further, stage 2 of the tournament will commence from 1 July and will last till 11 July. However, players need to compulsory form or join a team for the second stage and ensure that all the players have qualified to stage 2.

Moreover, in the second stage, teams will play 30 ranked matches, and each win will yield points based on your team’s average player rank. As a result, teams need to place in top 256 teams of their respective region.

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