How to Install and Download Fortnite on Windows 10 PC: 2020 Complete Guide

Fortnite is not on Steam and you can find it a bit difficult to download it. But, it's super easy to download. Learn how to download Fortnite in simple steps on Windows 10.

download Fortnite on Windows PC
Fortnite is not available on Steam

Download Fortnite on Windows 10 PC 2020: Fortnite is one of the most battle-played royale games all over the world. Moreover, to enjoy the game, you have to download and you might end up head-scratching when you’ll find the game is not on Steam. So, let’s step towards a complete guide on how to install and download Fortnite on Windows 10.

How to Download Fortnite on Windows 10 PC?

Fortnite is free of cost but, it might cost you something if you want to land on the battlefield with some fancy skins. However, the game also doesn’t require a very high-end PC to run. These are the following requirements to download Fortnite on Windows PC:

  • Windows 7/8/10 64-bit + Mac OSX Sierra
  • Core i3 2.4 GHz processor
  • 4GB of system RAM
  • Intel HD 4000 video card

These specs will not give you a high-quality gaming experience like 140 fps but it will be playable.

So, now if you met the requirements let’s proceed forward towards the download.

1st Step– Open your browser and go to the Official Epic Games Website.

2nd Step- Login yourself and click on download at the right top corner. Now, you’ll be asked the platform for which you want to download the game. Select Windows.

Windows 10 PC: 2020 Complete Guide
Website of Epic Games

3rd Step- Install the Epic Games Launcher after the download is complete.

Next, there will be an icon of Epic games on your desktop launcher, click on it and open it. Furthermore, after opening it will ask for your login details and then the location where you want to place the game. Now you have done the 90% task of installation and download Fortnite on Windows.

Install Fortnite on Windows PC: complete guide
Epic Games Store

Moreover, now you can see an installing bar in the downloads section. Additionally, when clicked on Store you’ll find Fortnite is available there and you can play it, once the installation completes.

 Fortnite on Windows PC 2020
Fortnite in Windows 10

So, this was the complete guide and easy process you were looking to install and download Fortnite on Windows 10. Although, the game is not available on Steam and can only be found on the Epic Games Store.

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