Horizon Forbidden West Release Date: Leaked

A gameplay video of Horizon Forbidden West was released on Youtube and there's appreciation everywhere. Well, everyone is waiting for the game, but when it is going to release?

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date
A Game Video of Horizon Forbidden West was released

Horizon Forbidden West Release Date:ย The official Youtube channel of Playstation finally released a video that gave us a glimpse of the upcoming game Horizon Forbidden West.

Moreover, the game is a sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn which was released in 2017 on Playstations. Additionally, the graphics of this new game is insane and the gamers are getting impatient to play. But when it is going to get released?

What is the Expected Release Date of the Game?

horizon zero dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn

Benn Mccaw, the narrative director of the game explains the plot of the game. He says, ‘The game is set in a 1000 years earth’s future after a global catastrophe, people live in tribes and there are no computers. There are machine-like enemies which have to be stopped’.

The graphics and the sound of the game are insane and the fans are loving it. Moreover, there is much more in this action-adventure game due to which fans are asking the questions, what is the Horizon Forbidden West release date?

The release date of the game is not confirmed by the developers. Furthermore, the fans have a feeling that they don’t want to commit the date because of the pandemic.

Official Statement by Developers

After the release of the video, the official handle of Guerrilla came up with a Tweet saying they don’t have an exact date of release. Moreover, the tweet also said the development is on track and they will update soon.

Earlier, Sony hinted at a leak about the Horizon Forbidden West release date. Furthermore, the game was expected in the second half of 2021, nearly around October or September. But now, it seems that it will be delayed.

Moreover, the game is expected to come next year on Playstation and after some time on Windows.

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Pritam Priyedarshi
Pritam Priyedarshi
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