Modelling Cops Survivor Series Season 1.0: MCSS Details

Modelling Cops is organizing a PUBG Mobile tournament with a massive prize pool. Wanna know all the details? Here is the article with complete details.

Modelling Cops Survivor Series
Modelling Cops with a heavy prize pool

Modelling Cops Survivor Series 1.0 is to be the largest unofficial PUBG Mobile event in the history of eSports. Moreover, MCSS Season 1.0 will be the biggest unofficial tournament. It will contain 3 regions that are India, South East, and the Middle East.

Modelling Cops is the total eSports solution provider in India. Additionally, the organization provides game companies with turnkey solutions to create and manage innovative online and offline events while producing engaging content for eSports fans worldwide.

About MCSS Season 1.0 Presented by Modelling Cops

Modelling Cops Survivor Series
Modelling Cops Survivor Series 1.0 road map

Modelling Cops is the leading eSports organizer in Asia. It organizes and innovates online and offline events for game producers that attract both passionate pro gamers and fans. Additionally, Modelling Cops generates compelling content that is widely disturbed across our network of channels. Modelling Cops is working at its peak for the betterment and progress of underdogs and professional players in the eSports community.

Furthermore, it contains a massive Prize Pool of $150,000 and marks one of the biggest prize pools ever. This tournament was earlier based on 3 regions: South Asia, South East, and the Middle East but considering PUBG India’s announcement management decided to include India as a region too.

Also, one of the most striking features of the tournament is that the grand finals of the tournament are planned to be a Lan event in Dubai.

How to Register in MCSS Season 1.0?

Step-1: Click here to register for Modelling Cops Survivor Series 1.0.

Step-2: Submit the necessary details given below.

Step-3: Add 4 Insta and 4 Youtube Screenshot.

Step-4: Then click on the ‘submit’ button.

Modelling Cops Survivor Series Season 1.0: Road Map 

MCSS Season 1.0
Phase 1 of Survivor Series

Phase 1 is only for the teams who had registered on modelling cops official website and 2nd phase will be only for the invited teams, on basis of their official achievements. 

Social Handles of Modelling Cops:





Go and grab your slot now, limited slots available. Visit the Social handles of Modelling Cops for further information.

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