June Fortnite Crew Pack 2021 Leaks: Mecha Cuddle Master Skin, Rewards, and more

Yet another skin arrives in Fortnite. There's a lot of things in the June Fortnite Crew Pack. Here, you'll find the complete details about the pack.

June Fortnite Crew Pack
The skins will be released on 31st May

June Fortnite Crew Pack 2021 has got leaked recently revealing new skins, free v-bucks, rewards, Mecha Cuddle Master Skin, and many more. Epic Games started the Crew Pack in early 2021. Since then it is adding new and amazing items to spice up the whole gameplay of Fortnite users.

The Crew Pack will release on May 31, 2021, nearby 8 PM ET. Whereas it will get available in the UK on June 1, 2021. In mid, all the players are excited for the upcoming Fortnite Season 7.

What is June Fortnite Crew Pack 2021?

Mecha Cuddle Master Skin
You need subscription to get the skin

If you want to enjoy pack then you must be a Fortnite Crew Subscriber. By doing this you become eligible for the Battle Pass. You get free v-bucks, skins, rewards under this service.

In case you are an owner of this Battle and then you avail of this service. In that particular case, you get your v-bucks back. Also, you can buy this subscription directly from the Fortnite item shop.

What does June Fortnite Crew Pack contain?

Mecha Cuddle Master Skin
The new Mecha Cuddle Master Skin

The most interesting thing in June Fortnite Crew Pack is Mecha Cuddle Master Skin. In addition to this, it comes with some amazing cosmetics too.  The Mecha Cuddle Master Skin has multiple style outfits.

Apart from the regular style of Mecha. Players also get a white and black, white and red style. This skin is wholly inspired by Cuddle Team Leader.

Apart from this there many more cosmetics and skin in this pack which are:

  • Mecha Cuddle Master Outfit
  • Psytronic Bow Back Bling
  • Nuzzle Jet Pickaxe
  • Cuddle Mech Wrap

What else does Pack have?

Players will also receive Back Bling, Pickaxe, and Wrap. In addition to this there also a free Battle Pass. In case you already own a Battle Pass then you will get 950 v-bucks back. In addition to this, players will also get free 1,000 v-bucks.

Under the subscription, players will also get Loading Screens. They will also receive Loading Tracks. So, if you want to enjoy this June Fortnite Crew Pack 2021 then quickly subscribe for the same.

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Maninder Beniwal
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