A Survey says that 85 Percent are Mobile Gamers in India

Viral Fission conducted a survey and came up with some interesting facts. Some of them are the number of female gamers and the expenses on the game. Read this full article to know more.

A survey by Viral Fission
A survey by Viral Fission

A survey in India was conducted by Viral Fission recently and they came up with some exciting figures about the gaming scene in India. Additionally, one of them is that 85 percent are mobile gamers in India.

Furthermore, the survey also gives us data about the expenses a gamer spends on his game. Surprisingly, there were only 14% among them to spend more than Rs.500 a year.

What was this Survey About? Why 85 Percent Mobile Gamers in India?

85 percent Mobile Gamers in India
The objective of the Survey

Viral Fission was surveyed with a sample size of 2132 students, age group of 17 to 24 years. Moreover, the survey’s main objectives were to understand the network’s gaming preferences, behavioral changes around gaming & gaming patterns, and the popular games played by GenZ.

Moreover, there were 1222 females and 910 males who participated in it. However, the survey asked and gathered some interesting data like how many of them play both on mobile or console or how much time they spend. Furthermore, there were also questions like the type of gamer do you consider yourself to be?

The reason behind the growth of mobile gaming is the cost and accessibility. However, buying a smartphone is not a tough task to do. And, the games available on the phones are easy to play as compared to PC or console. So, it can be said that 85 percent are mobile in India because of these several reasons.

What were the Key Takeaways from the Survey?

Key takeaways on Gaming

According to the data collected by Viral Fission, it is more likely that 85 percent are Mobile Gamers in India. However, it is also found that few of these mobile gamers also play on PC or Console. 

Furthermore, 80% are casual and amateur gamers and spend 1-3 hrs a day. Surprisingly, there are only 14% of gamers spend more than Rs. 500 on gaming.

Stats about time spend
Stats about time spend

In addition, PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are the games with the most downloads on both iOS and Android. The report also suggests that board games and battle royale are played much because they are easy to understand.

If 85 percent are mobile gamers in India, the influencers are also likely to the same. And as a result, Naman Mathur a.k.a Mortal is the favorite influencer, followed by CarryMinati (Ajay Nager) and Scout ( Tanmay Singh).

However, many of them learn from youtube tutorials, but 48% of them say that they don’t watch gaming on any platform.

At last, it is said that 63% of them are not a part of any gaming community like discord or Facebook Group, etc.

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