IEEF Comes Forward to Support Underdogs: How?

Inter Esports Exhibit Federation is going to conduct a webinar for underdogs which will give them more ideas about the esports field. Anyone can join the event as it is free of cost.

IEEF comes forward to support underdogs
IEEF comes forward to support underdogs

Inter Esports Exhibit Federation is an organization that checks out the legitimacy of an esports tournament. Now, IEEF comes forward to support the underdogs by providing them a platform where they can clear their doubts.

Furthermore, IEEF is organizing an event on the 29th of May naming ECHO which is free of cost. Many content creators and esports professionals will be marking their attendance to guide the upcoming sensation of the games.

What is Inter Esports Exhibit Federation?

IEEF comes forward to support underdogs

Inter Esports Exhibit Federation or IEEF is a federation that tests the legitimacy of a tournament in the esports field. Additionally, there are many tournaments that are conducted and after a competition, the winners are not rewarded. To avoid such kind of situation, IEEF makes sure that players can trust the tournament they are playing in.

Moreover, apart from checking tournaments this time IEEF comes forward to support the underdogs a webinar. The webinar is free of cost and anyone can participate in it.


How IEEF Comes Forward to Support Underdogs?

The webinar will give brief information on the very famous topics which an underdog thinks of. Moreover, there will be many experts and content creators who will be clearing the doubts.

Additionally, players are always keen to know about the growth in esports and the process or steps to achieve heights in the field. The experts will make sure that they are giving a satisfying answer to the upcoming sensations.

How to join IEEF’s ECHO?

IEEF comes forward to support underdogs
Blind Esports owner will be marking his presence

Players can register themselves on the discord server of IEEF. However, after joining the discord server there are specific channels to register for the event.

Discord Link

Instagram Link

The event is free of cost which is the best part. Additionally, the event will be taking on the discord itself and players can attend the webinar by joining the specific channel.

The initiative is to help underdogs and guide them into a good path. Moreover, there will be some famous personalities like Mr. Arjun Suresh aka Satan (Founder of Blind Esports), Vishal aka Evil ( Caster of free fire and Founder of Hind official), Gamer Mayavi (Founder of CGN esports), Dr. Sumeet Dahiya aka Maddog (Founder of RAG3 Official ) and many more to do the task.

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