What Does Channeling do in Minecraft?

What is Channeling in Minecraft? It is an enchantment which makes players feel safe. How does it work? Let's see

What Does Channeling do in Minecraft?
Channeling is an enchantment

There is something like the God of thunder in Minecraft too, and it is not named Thor. Furthermore, channeling in Minecraft is a trident enchantment that can produce lighting.

Additionally, channeling is available from enchantment tables, raid drops, books. All of these can be obtained by fishing, minecart chests, chest dungeons, librarian villagers, and from chests found in Overworld non-village structures.

What is Channeling in Minecraft?

Working of Channeling in Minecraft
Working of Channeling in Minecraft

This trident enchantment makes the players feel secure and safe without making them invincible. However, channeling can be used when the weather is rainy or a thunderstorm is coming.

Additionally, Channeling summons a lightning bolt after a mob is hit by a thrown trident. And there is currently a thunderstorm occurring. However, make sure the mob is exposing to the open sky for the enchantment to work.  If a command is placing on the trident, making it enchant with riptide, channeling will not work while technically still applied.

However, channeling enchantment allows the player to change creepers into charged creepers, villagers into witches, pigs into zombified piglins, and mooshrooms into their opposite color (red into brown and vice versa).

How to get a Trident in Minecraft?

Trident channeling in Minecraft
Trident in Minecraft

Channeling in Minecraft is not possible without the Trident enchantment. However, Channeling tridents thrown at lightning rods always create lightning without the need for a mob.

Additionally, To obtain a trident in Minecraft, the player must defeat a Drowned. Furthermore, drowned is an aquatic monster with a drop rate of 8.5% for a trident. Though it seems low, it is possible to get one since they tend to fight in hoards.

Minecraft enchantments are very powerful. Surely, one will want to rack up as many as possible to stand the best chance of surviving in this cruel, blocky world. Moreover, channeling in Minecraft is very useful to protect oneself from storms when monsters are perusing about.

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