“Ban Battlegrounds Mobile India. It is a big threat to our Security”, Says Arunachal Pradesh Former MP

Ninong Ering a former MLA asked PMO to ban launch of the upcoming game BGMI. He tweeted and made his request.

Ban Battlegrounds Mobile India request by Ninong Ering
Ban request for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Ninong Ering, an Indian Politician has written a letter to the Prime Minister of India and asked to take action on the upcoming game and ban Battlegrounds Mobile India. Additionally, Ering also tweeted and posted the photograph of the letter.

Ering is a politician who represented Arunachal East in the Lok Sabha. Moreover, he also served his duty as a Union minister where he was in charge of State for Minority Affairs.

Why Ban Battlegrounds Mobile India?

Ban Battlegrounds Mobile India by Ninong Ering
Ban Battlegrounds Mobile India letter

The former Lok Sabha member posted this letter in which he asked the PMO to stop the relaunch of BGMI. Furthermore, in this letter, Ering mentions about several reports of addiction, monetary loss, self-harm are attributed to the game.

Moreover, the most interesting things were written from the sixth paragraph. Ering’s letter quotes that the Chinese companies are trying to sidestep the laws during this pandemic. Furthermore, he adds that Tencent owns a 15% stake in Krafton and can increase it.

Additionally, Ering said that is an illusion to collect data. The company will launch the same game with minor changes and will transfer the data to Chinese companies including our children.

What’s next for Battlegrounds Mobile India?

It took a long time for Krafton to get all the permissions from the government. Now, when it is all done, the chances of not launching the game are very little.

Additionally, Tencent only holds a 13.2% stake in Krafton which is less than what the former MLA said. Though Krafton works independently, there is nothing to do with Tencent. Furthermore, there are still more than 100 apps in India, funded by Chinese Companies.

List of Chinese funded apps
List of Chinese funded apps

Who is Ninong Ering?

Ninomg Ering represented Arunachal East in the lower house of the Indian Parliament from 2009 to 2019 and belongs to the Indian National Congress. Earlier, Ering gained appreciation for his move on Menstruation Bill.

Later, after the tweet, Ering was heavily trolled as gamers came up with some data and facts.

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Pritam Priyedarshi
Pritam Priyedarshi
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