Wichita MK40 Gun to Launch in the Upcoming Free Fire OB28 update

Wichita MK40 in new OB28 update
Witchita MK40 IN upcoming OB28 update

The Wichita MK40 gun is likely to feature in the new Free Fire OB28 update along with many additional features. Follow up on this article for the complete details regarding the Wichita MK40 gun launching in the forthcoming update.

Garena Free Fire is one of the most famous games and adapted by many players around the globe. Free Fire offers numerous of features and characters themed on some popular superstars and sportsperson. Moreover, Free Fire even offers fabulous and rewarding events in the game periodically.

Furthermore, after the OB27 update, they have been adding new events regularly to keep the players engaged in the challenges and offer various rewards simultaneously. Meanwhile, the next Free Fire OB28 Update is likely to occur soon in the upcoming month. Also, the beta testing of the new update is going to start in a few days.

The new update will feature lots of new additions concluding new characters, skins, weapons, vehicles, and more. . Moreover, an all-new Wichita MK40 will also launch in the upcoming Free Fire OB28 update.

Here are the Details about the Wichita MK40 Gun in Free Fire:

The brand new Wichita MK40 Gun will be featuring in the game in the upcoming OB28 update along with other additions. Moreover, Wichita MK40 is a pistol precisely used as a secondary weapon and it had showcased in the recent trailer. The Wichita MK40 has considered a high power and heavy pistol and it seems similar to the popular Desert Eagle pistol.

Moreover, along with the Wichita MK40, many new features, skins and characters will be seen in the upcoming OB28 update. Thereby, two new vehicles naming Boat and Scooter will be launched among the new features. The scooter will be a slower variant of the motorcycle while the boat will be fast enough than the car.

However, the boat will be available only on the Purgatory and Kalahari map as Bermuda map features a low amount of water surface. Moreover, two new characters naming Snowelle and Sverr will be showcased in the next Free fire update. Furthermore, along with the Wichita MK40 weapon, another weapon naming GK18 Akimbo will also launch in the forthcoming update.

Moreover, the Free Fire OB28 update will live around the 10th of June, however, the beta testing for the server will start on 26th May.

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