Valorant will get affected due to BGMI says TM Sentinal

TM Sentinal the owner of Team Mahi shared his views on the upcoming Valorant scene. He said Valorant will take a hit after the launch of BGMI.

Valorant will get effected due to BGMI
BGMI is all set to release in India

Manoj Kashyap a.k.a TM Sentinal or Anna said on his stream that “definitely Valorant will get affected due to BGMI”. Anna is the owner of one of the most successful Valorant teams in India Team Mahi. Additionally, he comes on his stream regularly and shares his views on gaming topics.

Why Valorant will get affected due to BGMI?

Valorant will get effected due to BGMI
Valorant will get affected due to BGMI

Valorant has launched in India in June but, gained its popularity in October-November. Additionally, India’s one of the favourite game got banned in September and the gamers had to switch to some other games.

Moreover, Valorant was seen as an upgraded CS: GO, but due to its fresh concept about agents and a 5vs5 fps shoot mode, many streamers were happy. Valorant made its own space in the heart of Indian fans.

Streamers with high watching like Mortal, Scout, Thug started playing Valorant. Moreover, these were the streamers who entertained more than 50k audience at once by playing PUBG Mobile. 

What did TM Sentinal say?

TM Sentinal
Team Mahi owner TM Sentinal

While streaming, TM Sentinal said that Valorant will get affected due to BGMI because after the ban Influencers like Thug, Scout, Mortal started playing Valorant. Furthermore, He added that it is a good thing that they have done for the community and rather than shifting to a mobile game, they shifted to PC games.

He also added “many of these players like Snax and Hastar played for rank and grinded the game. With these most of the fans started playing Valorant. So, when BGMI will come and they will shift back to their game, Valorant will get a hit.”

BGMI is now all set to launch as its pre-registration has been started from 18th May. The first trailer was also launched on the same day.

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Pritam Priyedarshi
Pritam Priyedarshi
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