Unicorn’s Rage Ak Gun Skin in Free Fire

Unicorn's Rage AK Gun Skin
Unicorn’s Rage AK Gun Skin

Free Fire is an online shooting tactical Multiplayer Battle Royale game which is known for its skins and collaboration with various industries. 50 players compete with each other, The players jump from the airplane to the various locations on the map, have looted and fight and the players who survive till the end get a Booyah!.

Ak is one of the most powerful weapons among all the guns in Free Fire. As we know, the skins in the free-fire make a major impact, AK’s new Unicorn’s Rage (Golden Era) makes the gun extraordinary. Many new skins were also launched along with this. Read this article till the end to know more about the new Unicorn’s Rage Ak Gun Skin in Free Fire.

Benefits of Equipping Unicorn’s Rage Ak Gun Skin in Free Fire

AK's new Unicorn's Rage
AK’s new Unicorn’s Rage

There are many benefits by equipping the new Unicorn’s Rage ( Golden Era ) Ak. The enemies will become easy kills as the new skin doubles the accuracy and Damage. These things make the enemies go down in just half bullets than you used to do before.

Moreover, the skin seems great in looks. The players must be attracted to this skin. The skin has a golden look with a new design that looks awesome in hands of the character.

Disadvantages of Equipping Unicorn’s Rage (Golden Era) Ak Gun Skin in Free Fire

Every coin has two sides. Similar to that there are some disadvantages of Unicorn’s Rage (Golden Era) Ak. After equipping, the gun will have less ammunition in it. The gun will not have a mag. The mag contains extra ammunition that will affect the players.

The players will have to connect perfect shots to adjust in quite a low ammo. Moreover, players can not do much pre-fire as when the enemy will come in front of them, they will have to reload their gun.

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