Indian Valorant Player Antidote Steps Down from Team Mahi Roster

Antidote left Team Mahi roster and is taking a break from competetive.

Antidote steps down from Team Mahi roaster
Antidote steps down from Team Mahi roster

Sabyasachi Bose a.k.a Antidote steps down from the Team Mahi roster and announced his decision on stream. Anti was one of the key members when the squad when the organization was formed one year ago.

Why Antidote Left Team Mahi?

Valorant player Antidote steps down from Team Mahi roaster
Antidote in his CS: GO days

Bose was not playing in the squad frequently and was on a break from 2-3 weeks. He came active after the departure of Excali from the team. Anti announced his decision on TM Sentinal’s stream, who is the owner of Team Mahi.

However, Antidote also said he will be back in the competitive soon and will look at options for the future. The decision was mutually taken by both sides because Antidote was having some personal issues.

Bose is an ex CS: GO professional and played for Optic India. Additionally, he was there present when the famous incident of Forsaken happened. He later switched to Valorant and joined Team Velocity which was later renamed Team Mahi.

As Antidote steps down from the Team Mahi roster, he said ” I have no problem with any of my teammates or other members of the squad. I would like to thank all the team members and the fans for all their love and support. I am just stepping down from the organization as I want to play some other roles in the future that I can’t play being in this team as there is already some other experienced player who can do the job for the team.”

What’s Next for Team Mahi?

This is the second blow within two months for Team Mahi after the departure of Karan “Excali” as he left Team Mahi and joined Samurai Esports. Furthermore, after the departure, Team Mahi added a new player Marzil to their squad. Marzil is also an ex- CS: GO professional who was a teammate of Antidote in the Optic India CS: GO lineup.

Antidote was seen playing Jett most of the time and was a sniper of the team. Furthermore, when he was on break, Marzil stepped up and took his role as the sniper with the same agent Jett.

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