COD Mobile J358 Pistol: Complete Details

The J358 is a pistol available as a secondary weapon called J358 in COD Mobile with significant damage and firepower. Read the article to find out more.

COD Mobile J358 Pistol
The J358 Pistol

The J358 is a pistol available as a secondary weapon called J358 in COD Mobile. The players widely use this pistol because of its significant damage and firepower. Therefore, this article will showcase the complete details about the COD Mobile J358 Pistol.

Call of Duty Mobile is one of the most popular games, acquired by lots of players around the globe. Call of Duty Mobile is widely renowned for its realistic graphics that deliver a top-notch battleground experience.

Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile even offers a variety of weapons in the game surrounded by secondary armaments. The secondary weapons sections consist of melees, launchers, and Pistols. Amongst these secondary weapons, the J358 pistol is a secondary weapon categorized as a pistol.

Here are the Complete Details about the J358 Pistol in COD Mobile 

J358 in COD Mobile
J358 in COD Mobile

The J358 is a hardcore pistol available as a secondary weapon in COD Mobile, and man players use it because of its high damage rate. The in-game description of the J358 pistol states, “Semi-automatic pistol, powerful and stable“.

Moreover, players will be able to acquire this firearm in COD Mobile upon reaching level 53 in the game. Also, this weapon attributes the following tactics.

  • Damage: 72

Damage refers to the damage of each ammo type. When equipped with an attachment that increases the damage, it will take less ammo to kill that enemy.

  • Fire Rate: 38

Fire rate is the frequency at which projectiles get launched per second. Equipping the attachments that increase the fire rate enables you to launch more projectiles in a shorter time.

  • Accuracy: 64

Accuracy affects bullet spread and lateral recoil. Attachments of high accuracy concentrate the bullet around the crosshair and increase the damage rate.

  •  Mobility: 79

Mobility refers to a player’s movement and ADS speed. Players run faster when they equip the weapon, and ADS increases for a quicker shot.

  • Range: 63

Range refers to the distance a bullet can shot and the damage reduction degree. Attachments that increase capacity enable you to shoot longer distances and ensure a lower damage reduction within the same length.

  • Control: 81

Control refers to vertical recoil or the degree to which the muzzle is lifted when the gun fires. Equipping the attachments with increased control creates more manageable recoil while shooting.

These are the score that the J358 pistol attributes in COD Mobile while being used by the players.

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