Battlegrounds Mobile India: Release Date and Details

Battlegrounds Mobile India details have finally been revealed by officials via a small teaser trailer and the official website. Read the article to know more.

Battlegrounds Mobile India
Battlegrounds Mobile India

Earlier today, Battlegrounds Mobile India had launched its exclusive website with the same name. It had also launched a small teaser on its official YouTube channel recently, and it had also updated a few privacy policies and updates on its website. Follow up this article for the complete details regarding Battlegrounds Mobile India Details and updated privacy policies listed on the website.

PUBG Mobile had banned in India along with 118 Chinese apps back in September, questioning the users’ privacy and integrity. However, it was due to India and China’s internal relations resulting in the ban of Chinese apps. However, the PUBG Mobile Indian version had already announced back in November, developed by Krafton Inc, parting away with the Chinese term naming Tencent.

PUBG Mobile India had recently labelled itself as Battlegrounds Mobile India, and this had leaked a few days ago by some blog sites. Also, many creators were giving continuous hints regarding the comeback of the game in the past time.

Here are the details about the Official Site and Teaser

Battlegrounds Mobile India release date and time
Battlegrounds Mobile India

However, earlier today, the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India had gone live, offering a completely new interface. Also, the teaser of Battlegrounds Mobile India coming soon had launched on their official youtube channel, which had rebranded to this name from PUBG Mobile India recently.

They also featured a blog post announcing Battlegrounds Mobile India. The blog post stated: “New Delhi, 6th May 2021 – KRAFTON, the South Korean video game developer, today announced the reveal of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA. Developed by KRAFTON, the game will offer a world-class AAA multiplayer gaming experience on mobile. BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA will release with exclusive in-game events like outfits; and features and will have its own esports ecosystem with tournaments and leagues. The game will launch as a free-to-play experience on mobile devices. “

They further stated that the game would be only available to play in India, and Krafton will announce a series of new events and challenges later regularly.

Furthermore, they also updated some of the game’s privacy policies, clearing that privacy and data have been a top priority.  They will allow each principle to protect the user’s data and ensure the restriction of privacy rights.

Moreover, they also kept a privacy rule for the underage players restricting their playing time among the other privacy policies.

Here are the Details about Privacy for Underaged Users

The new privacy policy for underage users meant that if the user is underage, i.e., under 18 years of age, they would be asked to provide the phone number of the parent or guardian to confirm if they are legally allowed to play the game.

Moreover, suppose an underage user provides any kind of information without their parents or guardians’ consent. In that case, they can contact the officials and request their child’s information to get deleted from the server. Furthermore, they had also listed more privacy policies apart from this, click here to read them.

Release Date for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Game

Accordingly, the officials have not announced the release date. However, as per the speculations, we can expect the launch of the game anytime soon in June.

Moreover, the teasers and the blog posts also quote coming soon. However, the creators are also exciting and teasing that we are closer to the game’s launch.

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