Fortnite Week 7 Raptor Challenge: Locations and Hunting Tips

Fortnite Week 7 Raptor Challenge is here and it requires the players to find and hunt for the raptors present all over the map. Read the article to know about the locations and tips to complete this challenge.

Fortnite Raptor Challenge
Week 7: Raptor Challenge

Fortnite Week 7 Raptor Challenge asks the players to locate and hunt two raptors. Raptors are the newest creatures on the land of Fortnite. They are highly powerful and furious too. In addition to this, raptors are widespread on the Fortnite map. It is not hard to locate them. This article will contain all the details needed to complete the Fortnite Raptor Challenge.

But they are very fast and can also deal with huge damage easily. So, due to these reasons, the overall task gets hard. Moreover, we haveĀ preparedĀ an easy guide to help you out.

Fortnite Challenge: All Locations Easy-guide to Find Raptors

Fortnite Raptor Location
Fortnite Raptor Location

Raptors are spread all across the map. But you can easily get two raptors at a single location only. Follow the below given for their locations in Fortnite Week 7 Raptor Challenge.

  • Stealthy Stronghold

There are two raptors at Stealthy Stronghold. So, you can easily complete the challenge here only. Stealthy Stronghold is a forestĀ location.

  • Catty Corner

In Catty Corner also there are two raptors present. Catty Corner is present on theĀ southeastĀ side and in the mountains of Lazy Lake.

  • BoneyĀ Burbs

Players can get some raptors in the middle of BoneyĀ BurbsĀ inĀ Fortnite.

  • Weeping Woods

Weeping Woods consists of three raptors. Weeping Woods is present in the southwest of The Spire.

Week 7 Challenge of Fortnite: How to Hunt Raptors?

Fortnite Week 7 Raptor Challenge
Fortnite Raptor Challenge

As said before raptors are very fast and powerful. This is because they are tough to catch and defeat. But some tips can help the players get them easily.

Follow the below-given guide for the easy hunt of raptors:

  • Tip No 1: It is easy to defeat the raptors with the help of fire. Make sure you have a proper amount of fireworks with yourself. Also, when you use the fire keepĀ a distance fromĀ it. The continuous use of fire on the raptors can makeĀ the wholeĀ task very easy and fast.
  • Tip No 2: Players can also use weapons to get the raptors down. There are various weapons inĀ FortniteĀ which you can use. But out of all assault rifles andĀ SMGsĀ are best to use when you are engaged in a fight with raptors.
  • Tip No-3: Never dare to enter in close-range combat with raptors. Always try to stay at a distance. They can easily knock you off when you are nearby them.
  • Tip No 4: As you have to stay away from them. So, you might be confused about the item you can use to kill them. Apart fromĀ SMGsĀ and rifles you can also the explosive bows. You can easily deal with raptors from a distance if you use a bow.

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