Day 23 of AMD Ryzen Skyesports League, Powered by WD Black

Day 23 of AMD Ryzen Skyesports League 2021, Powered by WD Black, was full of intense matches between Kolkata Tridents and Mumbai Aces. Read the article to know more.

Skyesports League 2021
Skyesports League 2021

Day 23 of AMD Ryzen Skyesports League was dominated by Kolkata Tridents, defeating Mumbai Aces with a margin of 2 – 1. This article will showcase the complete details of Skyesports League 2021 Day 23.

The League powered by WD Black is one of the most fan-favourite Valorant Tournaments in India. Moreover, the Skyesports League features immense competition amongst the best professional teams across the region, abided by content creators.

Furthermore, the Skyesports League features pure entertainment along with action-packed rivalries. Day 23 of the League concluded yesterday and showed one of the most intense matches.

AMD Ryzen Skyesports League Powered by WD Black Day 23: All Details

Mumbai Aces vs Kolkata Tridents
Mumbai Aces vs Kolkata Tridents

Kolkata Tridents had dominated the match and easily won with a score of 2-1 proper coordinated game-play.

In the first round, Kolkata Tridents defeated Mumbai Aces with 13-9 and opened aggressively in the match. However, in the second round, Kolkata Tridents tried their best to succeed. They defeated them with 14-12.

In the third and final round, Mumbai Aces totally dominated and defeated Kolkata Tridents with 13-9. Still, Kolkata Tridents earned 2 important points.

Here is the Points Table for the Skyesports League, after Day 23

Skyesports League 2021 Day 23 Points Table
Day 23 Points Table

Rajasthan Strikers on top, while Delhi Dragons and Hyderabad Nawabs followed with 2nd and 3rd position.

Top 5 Players at the End of Skyesports League Day 23

Top 5 players after Day 23
Top 5 players after Day 23
  • Raffaaa from Mumbai Aces tops the leaderboard with 435 kills, 375 deaths, and 116 assists.
  • Further, SMX from Delhi Dragons follows the leaderboard at second position with 408 kills, 368 deaths, and 157 assists.
  • Binks from Mumbai Aces follows the leaderboard at fourth position with 392 kills, 398 deaths, and 137 assists.
  • MWI from Mumbai Aces places at the fifth position with 363 kills, 234 deaths, and 57 assists.
  • SKrossi from Mumbai Acesplaces at the third position with 344 kills, 222 deaths, and 49 assists.

Watch highlights of Day 23 on Skyesports official YouTube channel.

Watch Block Buster Sunday on Skyesports official Youtube channel at 2 pm.

  1. Match 1 – Bengaluru Crushers vs Rajasthan Strikers
  2. Match 2 – Chennai Clutchers VS Mumbai Aces

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