PUBG Mobile KR Version Limitations Postponed: Details

According to recent posts, the PUBG Mobile KR Version Limitations are Postponed. Follow up on this article for the complete details.

PUBGM Korean Version
PUBGM Korean Version

Recently, the officials had announced that the PUBG Mobile KR Version Limitations Postponed. Follow up on this article for the complete details. You will get to know regarding the PUBGM Korean version limitation postponement.

PUBG Mobile is having tremendous progress in the mobile gaming community. It has gained lots of milestones frequently. Moreover, PUBG Mobile offers different specific versions for some particular regions.

The PUBG Mobile Korean version is a specified version mainly developed for the KRJP regions. However, worldwide users have access to this version.

Moreover, the Korean version is renowned for various skins. In addition, the players find themselves luckier; while availing the skins and crates in the Korean version.

However, on March 31, 2021, the officials made an announcement. It stated that users residing outside the KRJP region; will not have access to the KR version operations. Further, they stated that the limitations would be executed in the upcoming weeks.

However, yesterday, the officials announced that the limitations of users. In short, postponement of the limitation.

PUBG Mobile KRJP Version Limitation Postponed: Here are the details

PUBG Mobile KR Version Limitation Postponed
PUBG Mobile KR Version Limitations Postponed

Consequently, the officials announced the limitation postponement. And the new execution time is still in adjusting through their socials.

The official post regarding the postponement of limitations of users out of Korea and Japan stated: β€œLimitations of users out of Korea or Japan released on 31st March (WED), 2021 would be postponed. The new execution time of the Limitation is still in adjusting and we will inform you of the fixed date later.”

Moreover, according to a blog post on the PUBG Mobile Japan official website; the players will be informed about the postponement later.

However, regarding the terms of use of this game, they will revise a part of the terms of use on June 30, 2021, the same as initially planned.

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