How to Find Best Gun Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer?

How to find the best attachments for a gun in Call Of Duty Mobile? Here's a full article on it. Read till the end to know how to find perfect attachments.

Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Best Gun Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer: Call Of Duty Mobile is a mobile Battle Royale and Multiplayer game. Certainly, players can compete with each other in various modes. In addition, players jump from their airplanes in order to loot and fight with each other.

Most importantly, there are 2 maps in Battle Royale. However, there are many more maps in the Multiplayer mode of the game. Many maps are made only for Team Deathmatch whereas many maps are made for many modes. Call of Duty Mobile got a fantastic boost in downloads after the ban of Pubg Mobile.

Why are the Best Attachments so Necessary?

Best Gun Attachments
Best Gun Attachments

The best attachments deal with High Damage, Increase Accuracy, Increase ADS speed, increase Mobility, Range, Fire Rate. These things make the guns the best.

If you are Sniper then ADS Speed should be fast for Quick Scopes. Moreover, snipers should equip attachments with high damage too so that the enemies can be killed in a single shot.

If you use SMGs, ARs, Machine Guns, shotgun users, then the damage should be high. The guns should be chosen wisely. As the close range combats require good Damage and Firing Rate. The attachments should be chosen accordingly.

Steps to FindΒ Best Gun Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer

 Best  Gun Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer
Best Gun Attachments in Call of Duty Mobile Multiplayer

The game itself gives the best attachments. The attachments are unlocked on the basis of their Levels. So, upgrade your weapons with the help of XP Cards. Here are steps to find the best attachments:

Step-1: Open the game, Go in Multiplayer mode, and at the bottom, you will see Loadout It can also be opened on Home Page at bottom of your screen.

Step-2: Click on it, you will see various types of guns and names of guns too. Select your gun.

Step-3: After equipping the gun, click on gunsmith. You will see a Lamp-shaped button on the right side.

Step-4: After clicking on it, you will see the best attachments. It will show 2 options of attachments that increase ADS Speed and 10 Hot Recommendations.

In this way, you can select the best attachments. But, if all the attachments aren’t opened yet, then it will show Locked. You have to upgrade your weapon to unlock the attachments.

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