SICO Mobile: Release Date, New Maps, and Advance Details

Recently, SICO  Mobile, an exclusive battle royale game developed by Indic Arena, teased its absolute Vanam Map trailer. This article will cover all the details regarding, new weapons and maps for the game.

SICO Mobile
SICO Mobile

Recently, SICO Mobile (Special Insurgency Counter Operations), an exclusive battle royale game developed by Indic Arena, teased its absolute Vanam Map trailer. In addition, the officials have clarified some advanced details about the SICO Mobile release date upon a discussion with the team.

Indic Arena is a famous developer that developed the dedicated FPS game announced in March, named SICO Mobile.

The trailers and early glimpses of the game have brought many suggestions. According to this, Indian Ethics will be implemented in this new multiplayer Indian title.

Moreover, the maps and terrains will be designed based on Indian Philosophy and surroundings. Consequently, the trailer showcased, new weapons, artilleries, and scorestreaks along with the pieces of equipment.

Subsequently, this FPS battle royal game comprises numerous modes that feature a multiplayer approach and even a solo campaign mode.

Additionally, the maps named Vanam, Mandapa, Parvata, and Warehouse were modeled, remarking the Indian atmosphere and ethics.

Further, SICO Mobile had teased the trailer of its first multiplayer map called Vanam on their youtube channel recently.

Here are the Details about the New Vanam Map

As the name suggests, the brand new Vanam map is an Indian theme-based map. This signifies Indian ethics and consequences. Moreover, the Vanam map is an open style Team Deathmatch map. This also features some early aspects of battle royale.

The brand new Vanam map trailer glimpses an overall ethical condition. In addition to that, it also showcases an atmosphere surrounded by the open-world environment. It will offer long valley combats and also intense close-range fights.

Moreover, upon a discussion with the officials, they unveiled many aspects. Expected release dates and upcoming maps and artilleries are amongst these revelations.

Here is the Expected Release Date and Unveiled Elements of SICO Mobile

The officials are yet to confirm the release date for the game. However, as the leaks suggest it is expected to release later in May.

The other exclusive Mandap map is currently under development. Though, the early glimpse of the map suggests a broad centrical area. Along with sheltered roofs and stacks.

SICO Mobile Mandap Map
SICO Mobile Mandap Map

Here are Some of the Advanced Skins and Weapons

  • Remington R5R

An assault rifle inspired by the Thanjavur painting. It is a classical South Indian painting style. Which is stimulated from the town of Thanjavur.

Remington R5R
SICO Mobile Remington R5R
  • Warli: DP28

The Warli painting is a tribal art created by the tribal people. They are from the North Sahyadri Range in Maharashtra, India. The developers of the game have acquired the Warli skill by recreating the weapons.

 Warli DP28
SICO Mobile Warli DP28
  • Mural: DP28

It is based on a Mural painting rapidly deriving from Kerela, India. It features similar art on the artillery.

Mural DP28
SICO Mobile Mural DP28

Consequently, this game developed by Indic Arena is trying to globally expand the Indian culture. It is trying to do so by featuring totally Indian ethics in various categories.

Further, the officials urged the audience to be patient. They stated:

Indic Arena has big plans and outcomes in the upcoming period. If the community supports SICO Mobile and Indic Arena will surely put India on the world gaming map.”

Additionally, they even asked us not to compare this with any other game. Further, they suggested not to call it an alternative. This game has its own identity which is completely different. This will help them achieve a good name in the Indian Gaming Industry.

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