Dedicated Coach Slots, Confirmed in Valorant Patch 2.08

Riley Yurk stated that Dedicated Coach Slots are now officially confirmed in the upcoming Valorant Patch update 2.08 by Riot Games.

Valorant Coach Slots
Valorant Coach Slots

Dedicated Coach Slots Confirmed in Valorant Patch 2.08 by Riot Games!

Valorant is an online multiplayer game where the players have to select an agent with abilities that suit their gameplay before the game starts. After that, one attacker team has to carry a spike and plant it on either side of the map.

However, the defending team has to stop attackers from entering the site and not allowing them to plant the spike.

But, if the attackers successfully enter the opponent’s side. And, they are successful to plant the spike. After that, the defenders have to kill the enemies and defuse the spike.

In addition, the sides will change after the completion of 12 rounds.

Confirmation of Slots for Coaches By Riot Games in Valorant

Riot Games recently released Patch 2.07. Certainly, leaks and rumours proved that Dedicated Coach Slots will be introduced to Valorant in Patch 2.08. Riley Yurk from Valorant’s Esports strategy team gave the green signal to the rumours. These rumours elude to coaching slots being added in the upcoming Patch 2.08 update.

Here is everything that you need to know about the Dedicated Slots for Coaches

Even without Dedicated Coach Slots, coaches serve a very crucial role at top Valorant organizations, with Hector “FrosT” Rosario from 100 Thieves, Chet “Chet” Singh from NRG, Taylor “Tailored” Broomall from TSM and many more, played a major role at motivating their team.

For instance, it would be interesting to see this addition of an official coach slot. In other words, it will be interesting to see the synergy between coaches and the players of Valorant. This will surely enhance the tactics for teams.

Since the start of the Valorant Competitive scene, there have been many professional coaches. They were from huge organizations that were expecting Riot to add slots for them in the Dedicated Coach Slots.

Riley Yurk stated that the players were excited and happy at the prospect of coaches playing a larger role in matches and that they plan to provide more analytical tools in the future.

The synergy between coaches and players will play a major role in patch 2.08, because this will affect the overall gameplay of the teams. It is very exciting to see Dedicated Coach Slots.

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