COD Mobile Season 3: New Map And New Pistol Launching Soon

A new pistol, Renetti, as a secondary weapon and a brand new multiplayer map, Oasis, are the upcoming features of COD Mobile Season 3.


Certainly, COD Mobile Season 3 had teased some of the upcoming features that. Accordingly, a new pistol as a secondary weapon and a brand new multiplayer mapΒ glimpsed through their Twitter handle.

COD Mobile is one of the most-played and fan-favourite mobile games around the globe. Also, it is renowned for the challenges they offer to the players and even the significant graphics.

Moreover, CODM season 2 is on the verge of ending, and the players are trying hard to complete all missions. Further, the players are also gearing up and getting excited for the upcoming season 3 about the new feature.

New Pistol And New Map: Details

  • New Pistol – Renetti


Call Of Duty Mobile had teased only a complexion and outlook of the secondary artillery. Therefore, it is difficult to figure out the exact equipment based on only one tweet.

However, according to the professionals, this seems like COD Mobile Season 3 new Renetti pistol was concluded from Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. Also, utilised as a secondary weapon. Further, being a harsh and rigid weapon requires only three bullets to penetrate the enemy at close range. Moreover, in modern welfare, one magazine of Renetti carries 15 bullets and upgradable to 27 bullets.

  • New Map – Oasis
Oasis: New Map

The new Oasis map, a 5v5 multiplayer categorized map, will offer intense combats like others. Also, the long paths will execute fierce sniper battles. Moreover, the new map will go live with the Coastal map in the upcoming COD Mobile Season 3.

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Parv Shah
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