e-Athletes Prepare For AIFF e-Football Semi-Finals 2021

The e-Athletes are preparing dedicatedly for the AIFF e-Football Semi-Finals. The semi-finals will be streamed live on the Indian Football team's Facebook and Youtube pages.


The FIFAe Nation Series (FeNS21), a global tournament, is offering e-Athletes an opportunity to represent their country by competing in the EA Sports FIFA 21 game. The e-Athletes are preparing dedicatedly for the AIFF e-Football Semi-Finals. Also, they are willing to compete against gamers internationally.

A few days back, AIFF ( All India Football Federation) announced that an Indian team would compete in the FIFA e-Nation series for the first time globally. However, it is a golden opportunity for the e-Athletes to represent their country on the global level.

To conduct the process, AIFF hosted an ‘AIFF eFootball Challenge’, a national tournament. In this tournament, the top 16 Playstation gamers will compete. Also, the two finalists among the top 16 gamers will represent India at the FIFA e- Nation Series on the global stage.

e-Football Semi-Finals: Competitors and Details

AIFF e-Football Semi-Finals 2021
e-Athletes prepare for AIFF e-Football Semi-Finals

Recently, AIFF had passed a detailed press release claiming the e-Athletes’ experience, preparation. The press release stated that the AIFF e-Football challenge is gearing up for the Semi-finals showdown. Moreover, it will conclude the top 4 gamers after pitting the top 16 gamers of India.

First Semi-Finals

The First e-Football Semi-Finals will take place between Lokmanyu Chaturvedi (24) from Delhi and his rival Vignesh (22), hailing from Chennai.

Lokmanyu Chaturvedi stated, “Reaching the top two should mean everything to an athlete because representing your country at this stage is probably the biggest achievement you can have. And all these four years (of gaming), I think it all comes down to this, to be honest.”

His opponent, Vignesh, agrees with the statement. Also, he added that it’s a massive opportunity for Indian gamers where one can get to represent his nation globally.

Other Semi-Finals

Other e-Football Semi-Finals will take place between Charan Jot Singh (18) from Chandigarh will compete against his good friend, Siddh Chandarana (20).

Siddh Chandarana stated, “We’re very good friends and play each other in all tournaments.” Further, he added, “The nerves will always be there, but the pressure this time is on Charanjot since he’s the no. 1 seed, and all will expect him to go through”. Also, he stated that representing one’s own country among the global athletes in the finals will be an absolute thrill for every player.

Meanwhile, Charan Singh terms it as a do-or-die situation. Further, he states, “If I lose, I’m out; if I win, I’ll be representing India on the International level.” Further, he added, “It would be a proud thing to represent internationally, and if I qualify, my teammate and I can bring the trophy home to India.” Singh urges his fans to tune in and support them. Also, to make our country, our eSports, and our football community grow around the world.

e-Football Semi-Finals: Schedule
  • Semi-Final 1: Charan Jot Singh vs Siddh Chandarana, 2nd April – 3 PM IST
  • Semi-Final 2: Lokmanyu Chaturvedi vs Vignesh B, 2nd April – 5 PM IST
  • Finals: 4th April.
e-Football Semi-Finals: Live Stream

The semi-finals will be streamed live on the Indian Football team’s Facebook and Youtube pages.

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