Global Esports Announces DOGE Cup Featuring Valorant and Free Fire

Global Esports announces the DOGE Cup that will feature two popular games, Valorant and Garena Free Fire. It will start from 3rd April and will last till 7th April.

Global Esports is a prevalent Esports organization that owns teams around the globe in various titles widely. Along with Competing in Esports, Global Esports also have some of the prominent content creators interacting with the audience with their creative skillset.
Earlier today, Dr Rushindra Sinha, CEO of Global Esports India, announced the DOGE Cup on his youtube channel.

About DOGE Cup

The DOGE Cup will take feature two popular games, Valorant and Garena Free Fire. It will be an enjoyable, fun tournament organized by Global Esports to regain gaming for fun again. Also, it will offer DOGE Coin, a cryptocurrency as a winning reward instead of cash prizes.

Global Esports’ DOGE Cup will also feature rewards for the highest melee/knife/pan kills and also a hall of shame that will feature epic fails and many more fun events. It will start from 3rd April and will last till 7th April.

The tournament will conclude with eight Valorant invited teams, and twelve Garena Free Fire invited teams. Some of the famous content creators will also be joining the tournament, adding excitement.


Tournament Structure
  • The Garena Free fire event will occur on the 3rd and 4th of April, starting from 2 pm IST.
  • The Valorant event will start from 5th April and last till 7th April, 2 pm, onwards.

Prize Pool

DOGE Cup will feature around 50,000 DOGE Coin estimated as 1,97,714 INR or 2,712 USD based on the current value. However, the amount may change at the time of price based on the market conditions.

DOGE Coin is a meme-based cryptocurrency that some prominent personalities like Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg have already promoted. The event will seize the viewers and creators’ interest in cryptocurrency and enlarge its awareness. It will also gather awareness about cryptocurrency among the audience and offer limitless entertainment at the same time.

LIVE Streams information

The DOGE Cup event will be live-streamed on Global Esports official Youtube channels as well as twitch servers.

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