Fortnite Season 6 Cuddle Fish: How To Find and Use Them?

Fortnite Season 6 provides Cuddle Fish to the players to kill the enemies. Players can use cuddle fish to deal with the damage.

Fortnite Cuddle Fish
Fortnite Cuddle Fish

Fortnite is a type of game where you need to assassinate your enemies to get a victory. You can kill the opponents by using different and powerful weapons in the game. In addition to this, players can use rifles, shotguns, bullets for this purpose. Along with this, Fortnite Season 6 also provides Cuddle Fish to the players to kill the enemies. Players can use cuddle fish to deal with the damage.
Players are always more into the guns and grenades to deal with any damage. But now the trend is changing where players are showing keen interest in using cuddle fish. This type of fish gives 35 deal damage at a time.

How to Find and Use a Cuddle Fish?

Fortnite Season 6: Trap enemies with Cuddle Fish

You can use the Cuddle fishes in two manners. Firstly, you directly throw them on the ground and, it will kill the enemy upon getting in contact with them. Secondly, you can throw the cuddle fish on your enemies. Once you throw it, then it surrounds the person and blasts like a grenade. But make sure that you throw and use the fish very close to the opponent.

In case you want to find a cuddle fish. Then, you need to start fishing to get some of these for yourself. But try to collect at least six to seven cuddle fishes to kill the opponent. The whole task of finding a cuddle fish requires some time and patience too. Moreover, cuddle fishes are widespread all over the area of Fortnite.

Lachlan, a Fortnite player, has shared his way of using a cuddle fish in one of his videos. According to him, you can hide the fish underneath a weapon. But your opponents can easily catch this trick. In another way, he spreads some loot around and on the fish, end up taking on one of the enemies.

You can also develop some ideas by yourself to use the abilities of the cuddle fish more creatively. Moreover, finding these cuddle fishes is tough but they are worth using in dealing with the enemies.

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