Fortnite Season 6: Stepwise Guide To Get The Mythic Spire Jump Boots

Getting the Mythic Spire Jump Boots is a little confusing. Follow our article for the stepwise guide to get the Mythic Spire Jump Boots.

the Mythic Spire Jump Boots

Fortnite Season 6 has got mythic items for the players. There are two different types of mythic items currently available in the Season 6 of Fortnite. Mythic Spire Jump Boots are one of the types of mythic items in the game.

They are best suitable for action. Getting the Boots is a little confusing. Follow our article for the stepwise guide to get the Mythic Spire Jump Boots.

The Spire is one of the new locations on the map of Fortnite. It consists of huge towers. Along with this, you also get the  Boots here. These boots boost your power to the next level. The process of obtaining the Boots is quite tedious. So, keep patience while following the procedure.

A stepwise guide to get Mythic Spire Jump Boots

The New Boots in Fortnite

The very first step in the process of getting the Mythic Spire Jump Boots is to find and kill anyone Guardian on the map. Moreover, keep in mind that you can not kill the guard looking after The Spire. To find a Guardian go for the small spire locations. You can easily get a Guardian at these locations.

Once you end up killing a Guardian then they will leave a weird orb behind. Here you can pick up the orb. But stay alert and try not to mess much with the orb.

The orb eliminates some sort of radiation. These radiations will take you up to The Spire and The Zero Point. You need to carry the orb through the Spire. Now you have to locate a crystal in the Spire. Insert the orb inside this crystal. As soon as you insert the crystal, immediately the Boots are ready for usage.

The Boots are very powerful. In case, you want to attempt fall damage then you need to make a double jump with boots. Moreover, if you want to re-deploy the Glider then make three jumps with the Mythic Spire Jump Boots. The overall task to get the boots is very lengthy. So, you can also use the passenger’s chair of the car with the Orb.

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