FAUG Vs. SICO: Which is Better in all terms?

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SICO and FAUG: both games developed by Indian developers & themed on Indian culture and ethics. The Indian game developers have been showing interest in the gaming sectors and gaming ecosystem in India. Due to the overwhelming growth in gaming in India, many Indian game developers are launching their games and attracting the audience to support the Make in India initiative.

FAUG Vs. SICO Overall Comparison

FAUG: Fearless And United Guards

After the ban of PUBG Mobile, the battle royale and fps game fans were upset for some time. However, nCore Games – an Indian gaming developer-announced a brand new game- Fearless And United Guards (FAUG), produced by the famous Indian actor-Akshay Kumar.

However, after the launch of FAUG, players were left disappointed with the game as the game was expected to be much thrilling and challenging. The level of hype that the developers had created didn’t help either. Although only the campaign mode was launched with its release. That’s why players weren’t able to rate the multiplayer game while experiencing only the Story Mode.


However, the multiplier modes like team deathmatch and Free for all were denoted as coming soon. Although the developers also announced that the FAUG team deathmatch mode would be coming soon through their socials but the players were done waiting.

The graphics quality of FAUG lies moderate and overall concepts are slightly better. If considered a story-based game, the developers of FAUG have done a commendable job. Nevertheless, the deathmatch mode is yet to be reviewed.

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SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations

SICO: Special Insurgency Counter Operations, a brand new FPS mobile title developed by a famous Developer – Indic Arena, announced last week by the officials. A glimpse of the trailer teases battle royale and with tons of weapons, scorestreaks, and tactical equipment.

The trailer also expresses that the game’s overall concept and the theme will be based on Indian culture and ethics. It also concludes some maps related to the Indian terrains such as Parvat, Mandapa, and Vanam.

Besides this, the in-game characters are named Captain Shaurya Singh, Rudra, Ana, and Shiv, which adds more based on the Indian flavor.

It will be a 100 lobby multiplayer game and will feature a solo campaign mode as well. This game is expected to compete with famous battle royals and fps games around the globe. Though the game is not released yet, we can not judge the graphics of the game. Still, the trailer teases that the game’s graphics will give a realistic battle royal experience.


Both the games FAUG and SICO, are Indian theme-based games, and both the games have different strong suits. As in terms of the first impression, SICO promises a much better Multiplayer experience.

New gaming titles and opportunities are emerging in the Indian gaming market, and the fans are drawn to these FPS games. All these titles are expected to bring more attention & excel in the gaming scene in India.

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