CODM: Battle Pass Season 2 Rewards Tier 1-50, Ranked Rewards & More

Season 2 is just around the corner & as always, Call of Duty Mobile is back again with another Battle Pass. Some exciting items are making their way into the game in season 2 of CODM. Here we will talk about the items & Ranked Rewards that have leaked recently.

Battle Pass Season 2: Day of Reckoning

A short trailer just dropped yesterday featuring a character & mentioning the title Season 2: Day of Reckoning. Experts are suggesting that it is probably a new legendary character that’ll be added to the game. Along with it, a new AS Val Mythic Skin is coming in Season 2.

Now to talk about the new Battle Pass, CODM has teased only two characters that are coming to season 2 battle pass. However, happy to be the bearer of good news as we are getting not two but a total of four character skins. Alex, Mil-Sim-Brute, Mara-Awakening & last but not the least, the Mace-Back For More Skin. CODM fans are most excited about the Alex character, Mil-Sim-Brute & Mace Skin but its great news for Mara fans as well.

Battle Pass Season 2 - Characters
Battle Pass Season 2 – Characters

Additionally, we are getting five weapon skins in the next CODM season 2 battle pass. HVK-30 – Jumper Cable, BK57 – Data Miner, KRM–262 – Eagle Claw, M4LMG – Checkpoint & AS VAL – Judgement in the 50th tier of Battle Pass. The theme of the next season Battle Pass is military. That said, most players will agree that the weapon skins from Battle Pass quite live up to the expectations.

Battle Pass Season 2 - Weapons
Battle Pass Season 2 – Weapons

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Daily Login & Ranked Rewards: CODM Season 1 Ranked

As for the daily login rewards for next season, players will be able to get their hands on the Death Angel Alice – Vicious skin for free. Furthermore, COD Mobile has released a teaser for ranked system rewards that showcases a new QXR Skin, FR 556 Skin & Carambit Skin as well. An Avatar Frame & Calling Card is also included in the ranked rewards system. Although the skins are quite average, at least players can grab them for free. However, more leaks are likely to drop & for that, stay tuned.

Ranked Rewards - CODM Season 1
Ranked Rewards – CODM Season 1

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