How to Buy UC in PUBG KR at Cheapest Rate?


Buy UC in PUBG KR version is the most searched key phrase by the users currently. However, players find it challenging to buy UC (unknown cash) in the PUBG Mobile KR version.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version is an alternative to PUBG Mobile published by South Korea’s PUBG corporation. This Version is available only for the regions of Japan and Korea. However, players outside the region can still play this Version. Although, players from this region can compete with the global Version.

PUBG Mobile Korean Version is widely known for its variation in skins and rare outfits. The players find themselves luckier while getting skins and outfits in the Korean Version than the global Version.

After the PUBG Mobile Indian version’s announcement, many Indian players have started grinding on the PUBG Mobile KR version to regain their skills and tactics.

A Step-by-step Guide to Buy UC in PUBG Korean Version at Cheapest Rate

Here are a few points to be noted before purchasing UC in the PUBG Mobile KR version.

  • Change the region of your google play account or apple account to the Korea region.
  • Your debit or credit card must be enabled to make international payments.
  • International credit or debit cards are only valid to recharge your Google play wallet.

Follow the steps to Buy UC in PUBG KR Version

  • Open the PUBG Mobile KR version and log in to your account.
  • Click on the UC icon located at the top, on the right-hand side.
  • Input the UC amount and process the payment via card.
  • The transaction will complete in a few seconds.


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Apart from the mentioned steps, you can also buy UC from Midasbuy by following the steps listed below.

Midasbuy is a trusted store to purchase PUBG Mobile UC after the ban. The user who makes purchases from Midasbuy’s official store will get extra rewards.

To purchase UC from Midasbuy, click on the links given below and follow the steps.

  1. Click below-provided links to purchase PUBG Mobile UC in Korean Version
    http://www.pubgmobile.com/pay/  or go to a more secure URL
    https://www.midasbuy.com/midasbuy/ot/shop/pubgmBoth sites given above will open Midasbuy
  2. Through Midasbuy, you can directly go for the purchase of UC or register yourself first in Midasbuy to get extra awards according to the event.
  3. To buy UC after the ban in Midasbuy’s official store, click on the “Top-up” button and select the amount of UC you want to buy.
  4. After selecting UC, now enter your Player ID in the player ID verification box.
    (a). To know your Player ID, open PUBG Mobile and click on profile on the top left corner.
    (b). There you can see your player ID below the Player name.
  5. Copy your player ID and paste it to the Player ID verification Box and click the “OK” button.
  6. Select any payment method from the multiple options.
  7. After that, a popup window will appear on your screen asking you to confirm your age and accept all terms and conditions and proceed along with filling up card detail.
  8. After finishing the whole process, UC will be delivered to the mailbox of your account.

By following these steps, one can purchase UC in their respected PUBG Mobile KR version easily and quickly without any issues.

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