Free Fire: Best Settings to Become a Pro

Free Fire Best Settings
Free Fire Best Settings

Free Fire is one of the most popular games on smartphones. The game has a huge fan base with millions of players around the world. Free Fire settings are very crucial to become a pro in the game. So, if you want to become a pro player then, firstly, you need to apply the best game settings.

Most players use default settings and rarely change them as it might affect the gameplay. But custom settings can help a lot and it’s not a difficult process. In this article, we will be guiding you on Free Fire pro settings and how to use them.

 Settings for Pro Players: Free Fire

In Basic Settings, Minimap is an important setting in Free Fire. Players can use rotating mode over North-up mode. Here your character mark will rotate according to your screen. This feature will be very helpful when you spot a red enemy mark on the minimap.

Control settings are beneficial if you look forward to becoming a pro player. There are a total of 3 control settings in Free Fire namely Default, Precise on Scope, and Full Control. The default setting is not helpful all the time as this is aim-assist. But many factors affect the aim-assist like the type of the gun, attachments used, and the number of enemies. Moreover, it will not prioritize the enemy if you are shooting at multiple enemies.

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In ‘Precise on Scope’ feature, aim- assist is on for short-range and is turned off for long-range. In Full Control options, players have to choose the targets manually, and it completely turns off the aim-assist. Therefore, a beginner should use the default and experienced ones should try the Full Control settings.

Quick Reload makes reloading much easier. That’s why the player should turn on this setting. Also, a player should set AWM at ‘Hold Fire To Scope.’ Free Fire also has Sensitivity Settings that control the weapon movements in the game.

Players should use different control settings to get a better and success ratio in the game. It is recommended to try custom settings to become a pro player in Free Fire.

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