How to get the New Legendary Cobra Rage Outfit in Free Fire?


Legendary Cobra Rage Outfit
New Legendary Cobra Rage Outfit

The Project Cobra Update in Free Fire is presently underway and the highly anticipated Cobra Rage bundle has entered the game on February, 27th. The bundle will continue for another seven days as an award for the Cobra Ascension event.

Players can’t directly get their hands on it with diamonds or good coins. Rather they need to play this new event to acquire the bundle. This article will guide you on obtaining this Legendary Cobra Rage outfit in Free Fire.

Get the New Legendary Cobra Rage Outfit in Free Fire

Legendary Cobra Rage Bundle in Free Fire

To spin the wheel, players should have a decent number of diamonds in the game. After having sufficient diamonds, follow the given steps to acquire the new Legendary Cobra Rage outfit:

  • You have to run Free Fire and wait for the default loading screen. Navigate the Luck Royale section at the screens’ left-hand side corner as the screen opens.
  •  Now click on the Cobra Ascension event.
  • Choose the spin of your choice. You can spin one at a time or five at once. One spin cost 20 diamonds, and five spins together cost 90 diamonds.
  • You will find the Legendary Cobra Egg tokens after spinning the draw.
  • Slowly speed up the reward meter and get an opportunity to win the legendary outfit by acquiring five egg tokens.
  •  Nevertheless, obtaining these tokens is very tough, and you can also take-out other rewards present in between the meter if they want. You can do so if you have 1, 2, 3, or 4 Cobra egg tokens.

If players obtain five Cobra egg tokens, only then they will get the Legendary Cobra outfit. Moreover, you can also redeem other rewards with an egg token. The awards are:

  • Cobra Rage bundle – 5 Legendary Cobra Egg
  • Cobra Fist – 4 Legendary Cobra Egg
  • AK-47 Legendary Cobra – 3 Legendary Cobra Egg
  • Cobra Flash Avatar – Legendary Cobra Egg
  • Cobra Flash Banner – 1 Legendary Cobra Egg

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