Call of Duty Mobile Warzone: New Evidence Suggests Possible Verdansk Plans

Call of Duty Mobile Warzone
Call of Duty Mobile Warzone

Great News for Call of Duty Mobile fans as new leaks suggest that Call of Duty Warzone is possibly coming to COD Mobile. Players have been waiting quite a long time for a new battle royale map to drop. Well, if you are one of them, then you may not have to wait much longer.

Leaks: Call of Duty Mobile Warzone

According to a report by Dexetro, ModernWarzone, a Twitter user and CoD leaker, shared a survey recently. The survey reveals that “Activision is asking players directly if they are interested in new battle royale maps coming to the game, specifically mentioning Warzone’s Verdansk map and Black Ops 4’s Blackout map as candidates.

Verdansk map is from Call of Duty Warzone & has been available to play since its release. Recently, some speculations are buzzing around that the map is eventually getting razed to the ground. This will result in the map being excluded from the game in April 2021.

The report further suggests that a job listing hinted a version of Warzone was in the works for mobile devices last year. However, due to a lack of updates on the same, it’s unclear if the devs are still proceeding with it.

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What to expect? CoD Mobile Warzone

Nevertheless, a reincarnation of the map is probably making its way back to the COD World. So it seems sensible that COD would want the legacy to live on.

Furthermore, with the mobile platform’s help, we expect to see, if not the full but some cut-down version of the map. Especially considering how massive & detailed the PC map is, fans won’t be disappointed even if a lite version of the map is released for the mobile version.

Although this is not any full-proof evidence that Warzone is actually releasing for mobile devices, but this indeed gets our hopes up. Moreover, Call of Duty Mobile frequently receives updates from its PC counterparts.

This means Call of Duty Mobile Warzone is a high possibility. That said, only time has all the answers.

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