Gaming Center IIT Bombay: Information and Broadcasting Ministry is Collaborating with IIT Bombay: Prakash Javadekar

Prakash Javadekar - Gaming Center IIT Bombay
Prakash Javadekar – Gaming Center IIT Bombay

“Mobile games are Violent, explicit, and addictive… PUBG was just one example of” Prakash Javadekar. According to him, Gaming Center IIT Bombay is the big solution.

In September 2020, the Indian government banned PUBG Mobile along with more than 100 Chinese applications. The government released a statement where they said,” We are banning 100+ Chinese applications due to user’s data security concern.”

Today Prakash Javadekar has addressed the issue in the opening ceremony of the virtual exhibition of “Khel Khel Mein”. The event’s theme was a Pan Maharashtra Game/Toy/Project design competition where union minister Prakash Javadekar was the chief guest. He said that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will work with IIT Bombay to form a gaming center. In this gaming center, students can learn VFX, Gaming, and animation. The main motive of introducing the gaming center with IIT Bombay’s help is to promote Indian culture and ethos by developing new games in India.

Prakash Javadekar said,

” Happy to announce that I&B Ministry in collaboration with IIT Bombay will form a Center of Excellence in Gaming & related areas such as VFX & Animation. We are at an advanced stage of preparation and IIT will begin courses from this year. Many games played on mobile phones & gadgets are violent and addictive. PUBG was just one example of it. Criticizing isn’t the solution. We must create our own games/apps that’d be adopted around the world for their values rooted in Indian ethos. “

What to Expect? Gaming Center IIT Bombay

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is passionate about preserving and perpetuating Indian values, heritage and cultural ethos and is putting in immense effort so that the children and youth of our country are made aware of our rich culture and tradition.”

On this statement, many professional eSports players and casters shared their views.

Emperium, a Professional PUBG Mobile esports Caster & Analyst, said

“There have been countless scientific studies done that prove video games, whether PC, mobile or console, is NOT connected with increased levels of violence & abuse. This take is both old & narrow-minded.”

Sc0ut, a Professional PUBG Mobile player, said

“Too violent ssrsly?  Is logic se movies toh rehni hi nhi chahiye right?  Waha toh pani ata bahar goli lagne pe. Tv shows exist hi nhi karte. Aur bhot sensitive topics h jo bolna nhi chata hu.”

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