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How to Buy UC in PUBG Mobile after the Ban?

Buy UC in PUBG Mobile
Buy UC in PUBG Mobile after the Ban

To buy UC in PUBG Mobile after the ban in India is not possible from the in-game UC store of PUBG Mobile. To solve the Purchase PUBG Mobile UC problem we have an alternative and official method that is 100% safe to buy UC in PUBG Mobile after the ban.


In Season 17 of PUBG Mobile, there are so many epic items, skins, and legendary dresses but only available for Royal Pass users. So, if you are thinking to buy Royal Pass this season but cannot add UC to the account, we will provide the best method to buy UC in PUBG Mobile after its ban in India.

Before starting with the process of buying UC in PUBG Mobile after the ban, we will recommend installing a VPN from the play store and sharing a link of APK. The VPN is needed to connect a different server as the Server Providers block PUBG Mobile server IPs.

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Whenever we try to buy UC from PUBG Mobile in-game store, it comes up with an error โ€œThe item you requested is not available for purchase.โ€ this prevents us from buying UC from there.

Step by Step Guide to Buy UC in PUBG Mobile after the Ban

The only Payment store which PUBG Mobile recommends to buy UC is Midasbuy. Midasbuy is also my recommendation to buy UC as you will get many discount offers when purchasing UC from it. Follow below provide step by step guide to buy UC in PUBG Mobile after its ban in India:-


  • Need a faster VPN to open the Midasbuy store, and you can download from the below link also if you donโ€™t have: VPN Download Link
  • Before proceeding with the steps create a Midasbuy account by visiting the below link: Midasbuy Official Website Link

How to Create a Midasbuy Account to Purchase UC:

  • Click on the Register to get the PUBGM Free Item popup. When you open the website you will get in the top left corner of the website page.
  • After that, click on the Create Account button.
  • Enter your details and proceed with the Submit.
  • Confirm the email address by entering the OTP sent to your email account.
  • Now, we will redirect to the home page of Midasbuy.

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Guide to Buy UC in PUBG Mobile from Midasbuy Store:

1. Visit the website from the given link and login with your Midasbuy account.

2. Click on the Top Up button to select the amount of UC you want to add to your game account.

3. Now, Enter your player ID in the Player ID verification tab, the ID you will get by opening your PUBG Mobile game and checking on the account detail section. It could be 10 digit number written below to your character name.

4. Select the Payment method after entering the player ID. Here we are selecting the Razor Gold payment method, through razor gold we can pay through PhonePay and UPI ID, which makes the process smooth.

Note: If you have International credit and Debit card, you can select a Card as the payment method. Otherwise, select โ€˜Razor Goldโ€™ as a payment method.

5. Now select the amount of UC you want to add to your PUBG Mobile account.

6. Click on the Pay Now button. Before click on it, we need to connect with VPN otherwise we will get an error here.

Open a VPN and connect to a faster server that loads the page faster.

7. After clicking on the Pay Now button, we will redirect to a Razor Gold page. Now, you can disconnect the VPN.


Important Steps to Purchase PUBG Mobile UC:

(Important: If you have already a Razor Gold account, enter your login details or create a new Razor Gold account. Creating a Razor Gold account is very easy; you can use your Gmail or Facebook to create an account.)

Step 8: Once the account goes created, the select country as India on the Razor Gold payment page. And complete the rest of the account verification steps which are necessary for safety reasons provided by Razor Gold.

Step 9: Now, press on the Reload Now button. It will open a drop-down menu of different types of payment methods.

Step 10: Select UPI as the payment method and enter the amount in Reload details option and click โ€˜Nextโ€™.

Step 11: Fill in your UPI details on the newly appeared page and press the Continue button. Then open your UPI app and do the rest of the process to complete the payment.

Once, it’s complete goto your browser where Midasbuy is open already, it will redirect you. And show that your payment is complete and your UC gots add to your PUBG Mobile account.

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