Twitch Mumbai and Chennai Servers are Live Now! Check Details Here

Twitch Mumbai server has a total capacity of 480 Gbps and Chennai has 40Gbps. Check more details below.

Twitch Servers in India
Twitch Servers in India

After the recent news of server listing, Twitch Mumbai and Chennai go online today. Around 4 days ago, a Twitch Content creator spotted the Mumbai and Chennai server by a third-party tool. In recent months, Twitch has been observing the Indian market for returning. This is not the first time when Twitch Servers in India are available for streaming and content creation.

Twitch had closed its servers and services in India in 2018. Now it is possibly returning to India according to the listing of new servers which went online today. The Presence of Twitch India Servers will give a great platform to the country’s content creators. As we all know Twitch has a separate tab in the menu bar for esports where the audience can find only esports and gaming-related content. It will give a boost to the streamers and content creators from India.

Twitch Mumbai server has a total capacity of 480 Gbps and Chennai has 40Gbps. With these servers, content creators could provide a lag-free viewing experience for India. India has a large video-hungry audience who used to watch streams and videos. However, it will be not easy for Twitch to gain an audience on their platform.

Twitch streaming platform

Twitch has more competition this time than in 2016 when it first arrived in India. Currently, in India, there are many streaming and content sharing platforms like Loco, Booyah, YouTube. Facebook is also doing efforts to engage the audience on their platform.

In 2016, Twitch entered first in India where they partnered with Indian communities to host the local events of Tekken 7 and Rocket League. But that time, the gaming and streaming scene in India was not grown as much as it now.

Twitch Server Status

If Twitch is returning to India then they need to convince the content creators specifically Gaming content creators to join the platform. They also need to partner with Indian Communities to host the local events of the games which are popular in India.

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