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Free Fire: Everything about Lucky KOI AWM Weapon


Lucky KOI AWM Weapon


Lucky KOI AWM royale gun skin is the brand new addition to the weapon section of Free Fire. The game is continuously adding new and amazing weapons to make the gameplay more fun. Lucky KOI AWM comes with great power.

Its power base is similar to that of koi fish. You can easily get the AWM Lucky KOI from Free Fire’s store. You can also spin in the game to get this weapon. Many players are successfully getting it just by a single spin. So, try your luck, and you may also get the same by a single trial.

Lucky Koi AWM is quite steady. You get a slow strike rate with it. But its power is something with which no one wants to mess. Although it is a bit slow, its steady behavior helps you get a good shot at the opponents.

It comes with a nice fire rate. It also gets good armor penetration. You can set a threat for your enemies by using a Lucky KOI AWM weapon. Players can get it from Weapon Royale.

Abilities of Luck KOI AWM weapon

Lucky KOI AWM is the newest addition to the gun skin of Free Fire’s collection. This gun has a pink background. It also has some wonderful animations revolving around it. The abilities of Luck KOI AWM gun are-

  • Rate of Fire: +20 percent
  • Reloading Speed: -10 percent
  • Penetration Power: +10 percent

Lucky KOI AWM in Free Fire has fewer reloading speed. But the rate of fire and penetration power makes the players crave this amazing gun skin.

Players are still not happy with reload speed. They want Free Fire to upgrade this ability to make it more thrilling. They are happy with the existing penetration power, but it will increase the players’ engagement if Free Fire improves the Lucky KOI AWM gun’s reloaded speed.

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