Fortnite x Tron Collaboration: Full Details Here

The new collaboration is quite strange as it is completely off the original concept of Fortnite. Check more below.

Fortnite x Tron Collaboration
Fortnite x Tron Collaboration

Fortnite is about to release a new Hunter Skin in Fortnite x Tron collaboration with the famous film franchise Tron. According to the leaks glider, pickaxe, and back bling are a part of the new collaboration. Fortnite and Tron collaboration will disclose within the following days.

Fortnite’s tweet page has audio verifying the new collaboration. In the audio Jonsey is unveiling a dusty computer along with the disturbances of the bike. This confirms the arrival of Tron as the next hunter of the game.

There is no information regarding the skin of Tron. It will soon appear with a 15.40 update, according to the leaks. The 15.40 update might get active from next week. But still, Fortnite has not given any release date for the Fortnite x Tron collaboration.

Players are not eager about this collaboration as Tron’s character is not a Hunter. This is completely different from the hunter theme. Fortnite is trying to give a new taste to the players in the game. But most of the players want the theme to remain the same with more engaging and thrilling.


The new collaboration is quite strange as it is completely off the original concept of Fortnite. Flash is also not a hunter but is still in the game. Now Tron is also not a hunter so, players are dissatisfied with this move of Fortnite.

According to uP Candywing’s tweet

β€œHEAR ME OUT IF YOU ARE GONNA BRING THE BIKE AS A GLIDER Please let us choose the colors for the glider and each trail make it customize to the color that you choose.”

Players are continuously raising their voice regarding what they want with the collaboration. A user says he wants a customizable light trail along with Tron’s light cycle. According to the leaks, Tron’s bike will come as a glider. Players also want the colors of the glider according to their wishes. Tron’s bike may be a drivable transport.

There is not much to say about the release date and skin of the Fortnite and Tron collaboration. The game should consider the demands of the players to keep their interests intact. Let us hope it comes according to the needs and desires of users.

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Maninder Beniwal
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