Big Announcement: IOC, OCA, and IOA Recognizes Esports as a Sport

Upcoming " Asian games in 2022" in China, Esports to be considered in medal category

IOA Recognizes eSports as sport
IOA Recognizes eSports as a sport

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) has announced Esports as an identified sport in Olympic Games. It is a big break for the gamers to oversee gaming skills over a big platform, as Esports is dependent on your skills.

As part of the decision, IOA identifies India’s Esports Federation as the governing body for Esports. The decision comes in the ongoing talk in the Indian Parliament over policy-making for Esports and gaming category.

According to Rajiv Mehta (IOC) GENERAL SECRETARY-

The implementation of Esports and EFSI identification on a national level is yet to be decided and will be considered in the next sitting.

China is organizing the next Asian Games in the year 2022, September month.

For team selection in the next Asian Games, the Olympic Federation of Asia has given the responsibility to Asian Esports Federation and so the AEF to EFSI. The IOC will ensure the team’s entry into Asian games and many other further.

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IOC, OCA, and IOA Recognizes Esports as Sport

EFSI director Lokesh Suji said Esports is the only game that brings the population’s attention. And also mentioned that eSports can even overrun cricket. Esports admirers bombarded when the country hit a pandemic. We have approximately a 300million Esports lovers who are active players in India.

Lokesh Suji further added that people have confusion between Esports(i.e., Dota, counter-strike, FIFA) and igaming(all the fantasy gaming which gives an instant chance by fortunate to earn money like rummy, poker, etc.).

Today some 100+countries have already recognized Esports as sports in their substructure. And release budgets of around 50 crores, including Pakistan, Finland, Srilanka, Malaysia, etc.

Continuing his statement, he said that EFSI is working with NEF of SOUTH ASIA for the South Asian championship. Which will result in giving Esports international exposure.

This facilitates the gamers to choose Esports as a career path and motivates them to take part. EFSI encourages women’s participation in Esports and planning to launch many education programs.

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