Garena Free Fire OB26 Update: All about the New MAG-7 Shotgun

Free Fire OB26 update
Free Fire OB26

Free Fire OB26 update is finally out with robust weapons like the MAG-7 shotgun, social system updates, revised mechanisms, and more. Out of all weaponry, the MAG-7 shotgun is the most intriguing feature of the OB26 update. 

The update that went live on February 4th, features some heavy firepower in the name of MAG-7. The latest shotgun introduced in the OB26. It has many new features quite unlike the other weapons in Free Fire.

Compared to other shotguns, the MAG-7 comes with higher versatility, which makes it the most suitable for short-range combats. Sadly, it is not efficient for the shots with more than 5 meters of distance. The MAG-7 shotgun is available in both Classic and Clash Squad modes.

Free Fire OB26 Update: A Quick Guide of the MAG-7 

Patch notes stats of MAG-7 are given below:

Base damage: 20

Magazine: 8

Rate of Fire: 0.2

Attachments: Stock and Grip

MAG-7 shotgun supports a range of attachments like muzzle, silencer, and foregrip. Although, there’s absolutely no need to attach a silencer as the gun is suitable for short-range combats only.

Whereas a muzzle on the shotgun makes its usage quite adaptable. Additionally, the foregrip keeps the weapon stable which in turn helps to obtain sharp and accurate shots.

More Reasons Why You Should Use the MAG-7

According to the patch notes “MAG-7 will be the new shotgun coming into this patch. With its super high rate of fire, this weapon will be extremely deadly in close quarter combats.”

MAG-7 shotgun comes with a high fire rate of about 8 to 12 bullets. Although it is built for close-range combats, it can also cause a significant amount of damage in mid-range duels. It is recommended to use this gun in close-quarters only.

Instead of M1014 which has a slow firing rate, players can opt for MAG-7 as it offers a high rate of fire. To put it simply, the MAG-7 causes more damage in less time. Take note that the maximum damage of this gun is less than the other guns. That means, if you are capable of maintaining high firing accuracy against your opponents, then you must give MAG-7 a shot.

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Maninder Beniwal
Maninder Beniwal
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