Riots Bans a Top-Ranked Valorant Player for Cheating, Pro Demands for Justice

Riot handed down a 12-month ban to Nisay for cheating in ranked matches. Beşiktaş Esports canceled Nisay’s contract. Nisay is asking for evidence, claims Riot ‘wronged’ him.

Valorant pro player and top EU Ranked player Yasin “Nisay” Gök bans from competing in official Riot competitions. The official Valorant esports account for Turkey announces the immediate termination of a 23-year-old player as he will no longer take part in the upcoming VCT Open Qualifiers. As a consequence, the top-ranked player drops by his team Beşiktaş Esports and his contract has been canceled.

At one time Nisay was the top of the EU leaderboard after 75 wins with a 771 rating. But Gök is asking for evidence of the third-party software that proves he cheated.

“I’m not so stupid enough to cheat just because I am Radiant in a competitive match, I personally think I am being wronged, but I cannot do anything against a company like Riot, I request Riot to show me proof of the 3rd party software they detected and that it is cheating”, Gök said.


Neither Riot nor the official Turkey account has given the details of Gök’s misdeed. Gök claims that his offending account has not been banned from normal plays. Unfortunately, this is the first time that a Valorant pro player has been subject to official discipline. Also Spanish esports team Movistar Riders dropped Rui “rapaztriste” Fonseca for cheating during a qualifier a few weeks ago.

Nisay is requesting the company to give details of any third-party or cheat he is using. Nisay insists that the ban was the result of community pressure, rather than evidence of cheating. But the company had not responded to Nisays’ claim.

Riot Games is sticking to its plan to keep the Valorant free from cheaters even if the commitment extends all the way to players of the highest level.

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