Free Fire OB26 Update: Release Date Confirmed or Not?

Free Fire OB26 Update
Free Fire OB26 Update

Garena Free Fire is among the best games on the royal battlefield. The previous Free Fire update OB25 was quite popular, and the Free Fire OB26 update is about to release. The developers continuously introduce new features and updates to make the gameplay more fascinating and exciting for players.

The Free Fire OB26 updates come with various new features that will enhance the gameplay in players’ battle royale experience. This article will provide the full fledge details about the release date, time, and new features introduced in the Free Fire OB26 update.

Information about the Release Date of OB26 Update

The update has been releasing in the first week of February, around the 4th. As we all know, before the release of any new updates, the servers are taken down for maintenance purposes, so it takes some time to introduce a new update.

The players can download the new update from any of the two platforms, Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Expected Features that will Introduce in the Free Fire OB26 Update

Expecting several new features in the latest update of Free Fire. Some of the features are:

Skyler Character

Garena Free Fire handlers confirmed that a mysterious character would be introduced in the Free Fire OB26 Update in one social media post. The new character is named Skyler and can unleash a sonic wave.

Dreki New pet

The new pet is named Dreki and has an ability that enables the players to spot one opponent using the medkit in a range of 10m. This ability of Dreki is called Dragon Glare. This ability will increase with the enhancement of levels.

New Shotgun

It is also introducing a new shotgun in the Free Fire OB26 update called Mag-7.

New Training Mode

They were adding a new Gloo Wall in the training mode. Players will also find some recent training modes and a unique sensitivity setting option to enhance the gameplay.

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