PUBG Mobile Suspends 12 Lakh Accounts Today

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Account Ban Notice in PUBGM

PUBG Mobile officials suspend 12 lakh accounts due to the usage of ill methods by the players. Although there is nothing new about this action as PUBG keeps on removing such malice accounts on the regular basis. This time PUBG removes 12,17,342 accounts and that too permanently within just six days. This number is the largest to date.

Some players rigorously use illegal methods to unlock achievements and other rewards in the game. There are some serious reasons behind this strict action taken by PUBG games. Some of these are:

  • Modification of characters model
  • Auto-aim hacks
  • X-ray vision

PUBG Mobile has written on Twitter,

“Know the Ban, Fear the Ban. From January 8th-14th, 1,217,342 accounts have been permanently suspended from accessing our game. The majority of cases were: Modification of Character Model, Auto-Aim Hacks, and X-Ray Vision.”

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PUBG has to ban 48 percent of accounts because of the usage of auto-aim hacks and modifying the character models, 22 percent due to using X-ray vision. While 12 percent of accounts dismissing reason is the usage of speed hacks and 7 percent has altered the area damage in their respective gameplay.

Sample demonstration of banned accounts (diagram)

The most catchy thing in this whole scenario is that many suspended accounts belonged to the pro players. According to one of the PUBG Mobile tweets, 38 percent of such accounts are bronze holders, 11 percent are Silver holders, 9 percent are Gold holders, 11 percent are Platinum holders, 12 percent Diamond holders, 10 Crown holders, 6 percent Ace, and 3 percent Conqueror.

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PUBG has not provided any specific reason behind the removal of these accounts. But by suspending the malice accounts PUBG is strictly trying to proclaim that there is no room for the cheaters in the PUBG community. So, we request to the other PUBG players not to use ill ways to prevent their suspension.

Maninder Beniwal
Maninder Beniwal
Maninder, a guest writer on MoroEsports, is contributing to Mobile Esports and sharpening her skills in writing.
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