Fortnite: Beef Boss Location in Fortnite

Beef Boss Location
Beef Boss Location in Fortnite

Players are eagerly trying to get Beef Boss Location to complete the Predator Challenge in the Fortnite game skillfully. The whole task of earning Beef Boss will be just a cup of tea for the players once they are well-known with its locations on the map. We are here with the complete guide to help you effortlessly locate the Beef Boss.

Predator is an action film broadcasted in the 1980s featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger. He aims to protect the hostages by fighting off the Predators, a super-advanced alien who is after killing every human in the jungle. So, let us learn how to unlock this skin.

Predator Skin unlocking pattern is just similar to that of Deadpool and Aquaman skin. This skin is not tied to the battle pass, and players can not attain it even after stepping on an individual level.

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There are some specific challenges attached to the Predator skin which players need to unlock to claim ownership of the skin. Some challenges are active, like Beef Boss, an NPC, and more of such challenges will be released on January 20, 2021.

Beef Boss Location in Fortnite during Predator Challenge

To complete the Predator Challenge, players must have 3 NPCs: Beef Boss, Remedy, and Dummy. Pleasant Park is the location of Remedy and Dummy, whereas Beef Boss is present at some distance. Players can quickly locate it near the Durr Burger Food Trucks. This truck is either at the north of Pleasant Park or southeast of Stealthy Stronghold.

Players can complete the challenge by speaking with him. Players have multiple choices to complete the task. They can help Beef Boss by giving him something according to his needs. They can furthermore assist him as well.

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We suggest the players be careful during the challenges. All the challenges are relatively new, and you should give yourself some time to understand the algorithm of the challenges.

Pleasant Park and Stealthy Stronghold will be filled with a lot of traffic. Players should be prepared to deal with the exhausting fight sequels as well. Players should always be equipped with weapons for their safety. So, hurry up and complete the challenges before the arrival of the next set of challenges.

Maninder Beniwal
Maninder Beniwal
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