Stereo Blaster Bundle in FreeFire: How to Get It

Stereo Blast Bundle
Stereo Blast Bundle

Free Fire has come up with another set of new events, with the stereo blaster bundle as an attractive reward. The Music Festival event of Free Fire is active from January 8 to January 18, 2021. It is one of the many new events added to Free Fire recently. The Music Festival event gives the players a chance to collect the lucrative stereo blaster bundle as a reward.

About Music Festival

The Music Festival event, as discussed earlier, was added on January 8, 2021. Players can find it in the events calendar. The Music Festival event has a lot of mini-games and some tasks in it. Players need to complete those mini-games and the tasks to earn tokens. These tokens have been named as ‘ Trumpet Tokens’. Players can find the list of tasks in the internal tabs of the Music Festival event. The Trumpet Tokens can be exchanged to get rewards in ‘Music Fest Exchange’. There are many rewards and bundles available but the stereo blaster bundle is greatly liked by the users.

How to get the Stereo Blaster bundle


stereo blaster bundle
stereo blaster bundle

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Free Fire is known to add new events frequently to the game. The most commendable part about these events is that most of the rewards are easy and free to get. The Stereo blaster bundle is also available for free to the users. Players need to collect a total of thirty Trumpet Tokens and one-Party Hat Token to unlock the reward. The Party Hat Token can only be found if you log in to the game on January 16.

Players need to earn enough Trumpet Tokens to be able to unlock the stereo blaster bundle. There are many other rewards also available. But, if players want to get this exciting reward then they must make their decision on spending tokens carefully. This is a very good chance to get this not so frequent bundle easily.


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