Beaston Pet in Free Fire: Complete Details

Beaston Pet in Free Fire
Beaston Pet in Free Fire

The two most exciting features in Free Fire are pets and characters. Beaston Pet in Free Fire is the latest inclusion in the list of pets. This pet was accessible on the Free Fire OB25 Advance server. This new feature will affect the gameplay.

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game, published by Garena for iOS and Android and published by 111 Dots Studio. The Epic game comprises 50 players falling from a parachute on an island and searching for equipment and weapons to kill other players.

Free Fire has over 500 million downloads and over 60 million user reviews. It has remarkable attributes that make it unique from other battle royale games. The in-game description of Beaston reads as:

Don’t judge by his looks. He has a soft heart.


Beaston has a unique pet skin named Great White Beaston.  Many places present a Blazing Beaston skin.


The skill of Beaston is named as ‘Helping Hand.’ At the starting level, it will help the players in increasing the throwing distance by 10% of gloo walls, flashbags, grenades, and smoke grenades.

Beaston Pet in Free Fire: Character

Beaston will help the players make the use of throwables more successfully as the skill will increase by 20% during the rise in pet’s level. The throwing distance will enhance by 30% at the highest level.

After buying 140 diamonds, players can get a Beaston pet as a top-up reward in the Indonesian region. But it doesn’t imply that players can also get this pet from the pop-up events in the other areas. The Beaston is yet to be made accessible in India.

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