Fortnite Update v15.20 Patch Notes: Detailed Analysis

Fortnite Update v15.20 Patch Notes
Fortnite Update v15.20 Patch Notes

As Fortnite leads into 2021, Epic Games is ready to introduce a Fortnite Update v15.20. With the v15.20 patch update, Fortnite will be looking to start this year with a boom. Fortnite is ready to develop new weapons in the latest Fortnite Update v15.20 patch notes. This Fortnite update would release on either January 5-7 or January 12-14 as this generally takes place on Tuesday and Thursday.

Update v15.20 Patch Notes: Highlights 

Fortnite Update v15.20 Patch Notes
Fortnite Update v15.20 Patch Notes: New Items

Happy Power, YouTube Content Creator, regarding Fortnite Update v15.20, revealed the under construction Llama device. Inside the Fortnite Creative mode map, players can play video games on this device. The new attributes will function similarly to other royale battle games like PUBG, COD Mobile, and Warzone.

New exotic weapons are the most awaited items of the latest patch notes. The list of new weapons goes as:

~ HopRockDualies

~ SMG_Frozen

~ SMG_RunGun

~ Assault_BigMoney

~ Assault_Brrrrst

~ Launcher_DrunkenQuad

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Happy Power also mentioned that a new weapon dynamic as ‘Weapon Mod Slots’ can be launched in Fortnite. MikeDulaimi displayed some new weapons that will be introduced in the game. This weapon will comprise the following attachments – Grip, Optic, Scopes, Muzzle, and Barrel. Players can equip Ranger Foregrip with weapons.

Fortnite Update v15.20: Weapon Mode

Weapon mode is not a new feature in the game. Players can mode their weapons by adding new attachments in Save The World. Creators are working on Unreal Engines with modification which is going to be the best changes in Fortnite 2021.

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Players can also create custom characters, make new weapons, and recreate the old Fortnite map. The new map changes are coming with the v15.20 Update. Colossal Coliseum is going to be one of the hotspots. It will get a new look as reports show variations of designs on social media. It may get flooded before the ship arrives.

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