Free Fire: Get Golden Bell and Blue Blaster For Free

Golden Bell and Blue Blaster
Golden Bell and Blue Blaster

The Golden Bell and Blue Blaster bundles were released by Garena Free Fire yesterday. The Magic Cube shop has been updated, and Free Fire has added the Golden Bell and Blue Blaster bundles. The Magic Cube can be used for redeeming these bundles.

The new bundles have come with a lot of new cosmetic items for the players. Free Fire is known to add new items to the gameplay from time to time. Garena Free Fire has one of the best cosmetic item sets in the Battle Royale gaming segment: weapon skins, costumes, emotes, or characters.

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Garena Free Fire has once again come with a unique concept for their new cosmetic bundles. The Golden Bell bundle has full clothing set in it. The bundle consists of a cool Chinese vampire set, with a special charm on its forehead. The other bundle is the Blue Blaster bundle.

The Blue Blaster bundle comes with a set that includes top, bottom, shoes, and headgear. This clothing set is inspired by a baseball game’s catcher, looking similar to the jersey worn by a baseball catcher. The two bundles are fresh concepts but still completely different from each other.

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The Golden Bell and Blue Blaster bundles are available in the Magic Cube Exchange Shop of the game. The players will need one Magic Cube in exchange for one bundle. The Magic Cube Exchange Shop is rotation based, and bundles are updated from time to time. These bundles will also be available for a limited period of time.

The players can obtain the Magic Cubes by exchanging 100 cube fragments. Free Fire has also provided an additional option for obtaining Magic Cubes for the users. You can go to the event section of the game and get the cubes by playing the Diamond Royale Spin Event.

Gaurav Priyanshu Singh
Gaurav Priyanshu Singh
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