Fortnite: Fortnite Servers Down for Season 5 Update

Fortnite Servers Down

Due to ongoing maintenance across all platforms, including PS4, Xbox, Switch, mobile, and PC, the ‘Fortnite Servers down’ problem is still in the facedown mode. The confirmation came from Epic Games that Fortnite servers are down at 9 AM GMT, on Tuesday, December 15, 2020.

The good news for the Fortnite gamers is that this is going to be a coalesce launch, wherein no compatible platforms are going to be left behind. As claimed by Epic Games, ‘Fortnite servers down’ will be facing downtime for up to three hours though the game could be back online before this time. This is a rough calculation by Epic games suggesting how long things could take.

A text from epic reads “The v15.10 update is scheduled for release on December 15. Downtime will start at approx. 4 AM ET (09:00 UTC)”

β€œAs a reminder, due to the addition of Performance Mode on PC, please note that the patch size on PC will be larger than normal for players who have high-resolution textures installed (approx. 23 GB)”.

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Most of the time Epic games shares the news regarding patch notes after releasing the updates. There are the chances of the return of Winterfest and probably be included in this patch, although it is still not confirmed when it will be playable. It has been revealed by Epic games that the Fortnite performance mode will be part of the new update.

Fornite Maintenance Mode Poster

For a better gaming experience, this mode is introduced by lowering in-game visual quality to increase the framerate. It is a great way for the gamers to jump in and enjoy the game until they meet the Fortnite system requirements.

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It has been planned that along with the option to uninstall the high-resolution textures, gamers will be getting quicker access to the game.

The new performance mode will be preferable for most of the users and will float with support for battle royale and creative mode only. Gamers will be able to enable and disable the performance mode at any time through the in-game settings menu and can restart the game.

Namit Mankotia
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