Mobile Gamers Being Trolled in India is a Shame to the Gaming Community

Mobile Gaming is still the backbone of the Indian gaming community, and we have seen that even during the PUBG Mobile ban in India. It is high time that we should stop bullying Mobile gamers in India.

PC Gamers vs. Mobile Gamers is the going controversy in the Indian gaming community.

India hit the wave of esports culture when PUBG Mobile reached users’ budget-friendly smartphones. It would be unfair not to give credits to PUBG Mobile for the massive growth of Mobile Gaming in India. Starting from PUBG Mobile, then followed by Free Fire, the Mobile Gaming community helped shape India’s esports scene. Still, controversies arise around denying the credibility of Mobile Gaming in shaping the esports structure of India.

After the ban of popular PUBG Mobile, numerous controversies revolving around PC Gamers vs. Mobile Gamers took place in India. In the same heat of controversies, popular names who started their careers with Mobile Gaming started trolling Mobile gamers. Even today, when the popular PUBG Mobile is still banned in the country, Mobile gamers are being trolled for not shifting to PCs. However, Mobile Gaming is still the backbone of the Indian gaming community, and we have seen that even during the PUBG Mobile ban in India.

Why is Mobile Gaming Evolving Faster than PC Gaming in India?

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In India, where most of the population can’t afford expensive machines that can run any heavy game, it would be an injustice to troll players based upon the gadget they’re using. The cheapest PC machine in India would cost anywhere around 1 Lakh INR, which again is not everyone’s cup of tea. On the other side, it is easier for users to purchase a budget-friendly smartphone in India, which costs somewhere around 10K-15K INR.

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This perhaps is the only reason why Mobile Gaming is mostly preferred in the esports culture of India. On every four out of five smartphones, PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are the most played games. On every four out of five smartphones, YouTube is mostly played over Twitch, LOCO, or any other streaming platform. During the pandemic, when PUBG Mobile was banned in India, Free Fire live Continental Series live watching crossed 700,000 viewers – a record in the Indian gaming scene’s history. All these aspects sum up why Mobile Gaming is evolving faster than PC gaming in India.

Why Indian Gamers Moving From PC Gaming to Mobile Gaming?

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If Mobile Gaming is seriously a shame to the gamers, why is everyone moving from PC gaming to Mobile Gaming? Popular streamers like Mavi, Novaking, Kronten, Mr. Spike, and Dynamo are again shifting back to Mobile Gaming. In the majority of their streaming hours, these players are seen playing PUBG Mobile KR Version. Why are they not streaming Valorant, GTA V, Among Us, or any other PC game in their online session per day? The reason is quite straightforward – the Mobile Gaming audience is huge, and itΒ holds a majority of the esports population in India.

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PC vs. Mobile Gamers Controversy: The Conclusion

Mobile Gaming still holds the majority population in India

It is high time that we should stop bullying Mobile gamers in India. Trolling Mobile gamers in India is a shame to the Indian gaming community. When the facts are clearing the picture, creating controversies over the same topic is illogical. Mobile Gaming has helped to build the esports scene in India.

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With Mobile gaming, the esports culture reached the majority population, and it is time when we should put a full stop to trolling Mobile gamers for no reason. Mobile Gaming still holds the maximum esports population in India, and we can’t deny this fact.

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